Thursday, November 15, 2007

Studly Studs

Mr. Cowboy and Paw Paw have had two studs for about 10 years now. They are good boys. They are easy keepers. Which means it doesn't take a whole lot of care to keep them up. They are fun to ride too. If you are a good rider. I have ridden them both. They defiantly kept me on my toes!! They also both have a way with the ladies.
This is Ima Delux Red Robin, aka Red. He is a good boy. He is bred to be a working cow horse. I being the "cowgirl" decided that he would be a good jumper. Wow that boy is powerful. He is a strong horse and keeps his riders on their toes. He also has a way with the ladies!! He was stalled in our barn one night and busted out of his stall door. Then he ran down the isle way of our barn and jumped a 4 foot fence to be with the ladies. He bred three mares that night. One paint mare, one two year old paint filly, and my thoroughbred mare.
This is a product of that night out with the ladies. My Thoroughbred Mare had this strapping young man. This is Emerald City, aka Ozzie. What a sweet boy. He is so laid back anyone can do anything with him. He is tall for two. He is about 15.3 hands. A very good boy. I am excited to be breaking him out. He is going to be my western pleasure prospect. He doesn't have any paint spots on him, so he is registered as a breeding stock paint. But I still love him. This is Red's show off page!! I made an ad. After 10 years of having these studs, they have never been advertised. I wanted to help them earn their keep and get more time with the ladies!! I was so excited making these ads. I can't wait to put them out and see if we can't get some breedings booked for next year. This is Richmond Peppy Star, aka Richie. He is an Quarter Horse Stallion. He has a famous grandfather, Peppy San Badger. He is mellow and laid back and you would never know he was a stud, except that he is in a pasture all by himself. He is sweet. Loves treats from the Cowpokes and he loves a good ride. He used to be ridden to work cows. Now he just stands in his pasture admiring the ladies. Here is his ad:This one was fun. I got to use an extracted photo. Tricky. I had to cut out the pool in the background!! I had fun making these ads. Now this next boy is out of our big Quarter Horse mare. She is a good 16 hands tall and about 1200 lbs. She is a barrel horse. Mr. Cowboy has been riding her in a little rodeo we have here. But here is her baby.

I am not sure what his full registered name is but we call him Dancer. He is about 5 months old here. He is fine looking boy. He is so gentle too. He loves you to scratch him on the top of his tail. He will be a fun one to play with too!! Those are just some of the 18 horses we have here in our backyard. These are some of the boys. They keep us busy. So, if you have a lady that you think would like one of our Men, let me know!! They would love to meet some new ladies!! But that's all for now, y'all come back now ya here!!


Smanda said...

very pretty horses and cool ads!

Karen said...

You have no idea how much I'd love for my ladies to meet your men. What lookers! I've got a QH mare with good bloodlines, and an unregistered paint mare that looks a lot like Red. Hmmm.... if only you weren't so far away.

Carolyn said...

WOW!! What pretty horses!! I've always wished I could be in a position to have horses... some day soon I hope : )

Humble Origins said...

...Hello, I hopped over here from Ang's site, St. Fairsted Farm, and wow! - what beautiful horses!
...I have to say that I love "Red" but my heart would have to go to "Richie" - he is stunning!
...I can't imagine having as many horses as you have but I would sure die trying! Sounds like heaven! ;o)
...Thanks for sharing! Great post!

Jennifer said...

I am trying to get to the QH and paint winter auction to get a good paint/QH mare and colt to take with me to Honduras. But I am having a hard time finding information on what I need to do to import them into honduras, so unfortunately I dont think I can do it :(
I am partial to red myself ;)

suburbancorrespondent said...

Isn't Richie missing a leg or two? Or do I need new glasses?

Andrea said...

Richie has all four legs. They are just really black and hiding behind his tale and other leg!! LOL!! :)

Lori said...

Nice lookin' horses there! We have a nice horse out of Tank-er-ray..sorry..can't remember how to spell