Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Staples, Fire Ants, and Rocks

Gee, I never thought I would have to do what I did today. I mean Big Cowpoke is blond but come on, I am too and these things never happened to me. I received a phone call from school. It was about time for school to be out so I didn't think he could get into any trouble with only 5 minutes left in the day. It was his teacher. She explained to me that while at recess he was playing and another boy pushed him down and he fell head first into an ant pile. Now ants down here in the south are not like normal ants. They are fire ants. And that is a nice name for them. They are mean suckers. They attack and bite you until you scream, and then they still bite you some more. Big Cowpoke said he shook his head and went running to his teacher. She helped get them off of his head. They even checked his shirt to make sure none got down there and sure enough there were some biting his back. Those suckers are mean. Then when he got home, not like he had a bad enough afternoon. He was looking for a pencil sharpener and low and behold he found this:

This is a very small stapler. It is no larger than and inch and a half long. I know it's a bad picture, but I am having serious camera issues. (*hint hint* Mr. Cowboy) I think I need a new bigger nicer one!! Back to the stapler. So, Big Cowpoke grabbed it and started playing with it. I was cooking dinner thinking he was sharpening his pencil, until I heard, "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Along with a blood curling scream with tears. I ran over to him to fin a staple in the tip of his thumb. Good thing the staples were small. I took out the staple and ran and got a band aid. What a miracle those band aids are. You put them on a cut and the tears stop. Amazing. What a bad day!! Now on a happier note, our road now has some rock and tar on it. I thought it was getting paved but no. They are just putting multiple layers of tar and rocks on the road.

When Little Cowpoke heard trucks coming we had to go out and see. He ran to Paw Paw's house and knocked on the door and told him, "Come see, big trucks, come see, me now". Little Cowpoke loves big trucks.
Such excitement for our small town life. We are a small town we only have a flashing light and a gas station. Big city liven!!! Well, now on with the trucks. There were a series of them. And wow, how amazing how well they worked together. Great team work. First there was this truck. It's the tar truck. It's job is to leave hot steamy tar on the road.
It was hot and steamy alright. It looks so shinny and Little Cowpoke wanted to go play in it. He even tried to go and touch it. We yelled, "stop", and wow he listened. "BIG WRUCK!!!"Then came this duo. It is a dump truck and the truck layer thingy. It evenly dropped the rocks onto the hot sticky tar. Fascinating I know!!It was so neat how it just laid the rocks so nicely on the hot tar. Pretty cool Huh?Red came from the back pasture to see what was going on. I think he was hoping for a treat. Then these heavy rollers rolled over it to make it flat. There was this guy. I really have no idea what his job was. He just drove really fast up and down the road. I never saw it do anything but go really fast. Hmmmm........I don't know. And this is it. The finished product. They are going to come back two more times with some smaller rocks. And then our road won't be a dirt road any more it will be a tar and rock road. I am not sure which one I like better. I have already washed tar out of the Cowpokes' hair and off their skin. I can't get it out from under their nails. Yuck. Little Cowpoke enjoyed playing on Paw Paw's shovel. Who needs a jungle gym when you can play on a shovel?? It was such a nice day today and a great day to watch the road crew. Poor Big Cowpoke. I hope he has a better day tomorrow. But until then, y'all come back now ya hear.


Amanda said...

I'm not going to come visit if I don't get a paved road!! You'd better go out there and tell them you want good old asphalt! Poor little Cowpoke. When it rains, it pours!

Karen said...

Poor guy, had a rough day like that. But big trucks help everything when you're a boy.

I'm in love with Red. He's gorgeous!

suburbancorrespondent said...

Ouch! I still remember when I stapled my finger (I was 4 years old). And fire ants - what with climate change and all, I hear they're moving north. Well, I'm going to stay one state ahead of them, that's for sure.