Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween, Bows, and Dirt

Well, it all started on Halloween. We drove about 25 minutes to the next town south of us. It seems like a long drive just to go trick or treating, but there really were not any other places to go. Okay, there were two other places we could have gone but we wanted to go with family. We met up with some cousins at Big Grandma's House. After a few horrible pictures we all loaded into the back of the truck for some trick or treating fun.

Can you even see Little Cowpoke in this one? Ah nope, but wow Batman sure looks good!!! It is really hard to get four boys to all stand in a line and look at the same camera. Adventures in Picture Land!!

Then they all sat on this 1970's couch. Despite it's colors it really is very comfortable. The boys just kind of blended into the couch. It was like a camo couch. I had to zoom in to get the Cowpokes, yet again not looking at the camera.

Finally outside I kinda got a semi good photo of Little Cowpoke. Everyone was busy busy busy trying to get the truck all loaded up.
So, we all loaded into the back of the truck. One Cousin grabbed folding chairs to put in the bed of the truck. I have never done this before. I was dumbfounded. But they loaded the chairs and kids in and I had to take a picture. Big Grandma was all excited about watching Cowpokette in the back of the truck. They road on the tool box. Dangerous!!

Big Cowpoke, with bag in hand, was ready to go!! He was really excited about the whole thing. This age they really understand the concept of free candy. Little does he know I throw a bunch of it away!! Whuahhaahaahaahaa!! It was fun going out trick or treating in the "Country". There were two stops that were giving out hot dogs and drinks. Yum Yum Yum!!

And our ever faithful driver, who by the way, took off driving with out me and I had to run after the truck and jump in. All this and I landed on my hand funny and my finger was bleeding. After that small adventure I took over driving and Mr. Cowboy walked with the cowpokes. I love you Mr. Cowboy.
Little Cowpokette did not dress up. She did have a red chili pepper costume, but because of the heat, 80 degrees, she went for a Halloween Bow.

Wow I had the camera really close to her head and so her eyes were like, "WOW that is really close!!" But look at her beautiful bow!! I just love her bows!! I found this wonderful Bow Lady online. It is called Personalized Creations. On my goodness I am in love!! I love all her fabulous bows! I think I might have ordered her entire store!! She makes oh so beautiful bows. I will defiantly order some more. I have told all my friends and in-laws about her. My favorite bow is this small one. Even though I have a girl I am still drawn to blue. This bow even has a special grippy on it so it will stay in her fine baby hair. A definite plus!! Love these bows. Just in case I haven't mentioned that yet. So if you see a bow in Cowpokette's hair. It is from Personalized Creations. And I will definitely be going back to get more!! Now about the dirt.

Since I am writing a novel here, this part will be quick. So much has been going on here!! I live in the middle of no where, down a dirt road and look what we woke up to this morning. Not the normal dirt grating. But a road crew!!!!

See them!!! Okay I was a bit late at getting them in front of my house, but see the tractor. Little Cowpoke was amazed!! Oh, he also was excited to wear his new boots outside!!

"Mom why are you leaning sideways? I shall do it too!!!" Isn't he just too cute?!!

"TATOR, TATOR!!!" This was an exciting morning. No better way to begin the day other than watching the road crew working on the dirt road. Okay so now that you have been sitting there for an hour reading this I guess I will end this now. I will save the beautiful make up photos for next time!! So until then, have a great day and Y'all come Back Now Ya Hear!!

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Amanda said...

I don't know if I want to come visit you if you no longer live on a dirt road. What's the fun in that? You're just going to have to move back into a trailer on another dirt road. OK?