Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilt Root Beer!

The other morning Little Cowpoke insisted on having root beer for breakfast. I told him no over and over again. He actually stopped asking for it. It got quiet and I figured he just gave up on the fact that little two year olds do not need root beer for breakfast. But what do moms really know? Everyone needs root beer for breakfast, it's not just good but good for ya!! Well, that was what was going through Little Cowpokes brain. He wanted it and if I said no he was going to get it himself. And so he did.

And when he did it spilt all over the fridge. All down the side an inside the of the drawers. It was everywhere. But never fear, Mommy's little helper is here! Little Cowpoke said, "AH OH I made a mess!"He grabbed a towel and started to clean. He got the bottom.And he got the sides!! He is such a good helper. When he was all finished I took out the drawers and got the way back all clean. It was so sticky! I just the the "I can do it myself" age. It's fun to see your little baby grow up into a "big" boy.

Rodeo Update: Well, the rodeo was a disaster. It was so crazy and there were about 150 people signed up for each event and my poor 6 year old just sat around waiting for his turn. On top of that his horse, Pearl, hit her leg in the trailer and cut it. Her leg was all swollen and she was favoring it. Then she was acting like she had never been to a rodeo before. Then she came into heat, which is a bit distracting for the horse. Big Cowpoke tried to ride her in the barrel pattern and she just wouldn't cooperate at all. He ended up going around the second barrel and was bawling. He was so upset. So, then I got on Pearl and she acted like an angel. I just don't get horses sometimes. She must have known I meant business. But we have another rodeo on March 29th, hopefully that one will be better! I didn't take a single picture. I was too busy trying to figure out when everyone rode and what was going on. There were just too many people and kids there!!


Amanda said...

Alex thinks he's a big refrigerator boy too. He's always bringing me bottled condiments and such. So fun. Sorry you had to clean up such a yuck mess!

Karen said...

The indepent age. Always so fun. NOT.

Love the dino jammies. :)