Saturday, March 22, 2008

Road Trip

Thursday night I decided that we needed to take a road trip. I have been wanting to go and look at a horse over in Texas for about two weeks now, so, with Mr. Cowboy being off work I thought Good Friday would be a good day to go. So, we went on our road trip. Now I know I had a post a while back about needing to sell some horses, and oh my we do!! My father in law just bought a new one and we still have the 19! It's out of control. I have sold one pony and I am selling my yearling and one more pony. Then I will be good for a while!! But anyway, I needed to find a good horse for my son to ride while my mare was off with her boyfriend. So, Mr. Cowboy and I packed all the kids into the car and headed off to Liberty, Texas. That is 3 and a half hours from us.

The adventure started out with the DVD player breaking. So, we had to stop by Circuit City and exchange it. We always buy the extended warranty so we have not bought a new DVD player in about 5 years. When the old one breaks it is still under warranty and we go and exchange it for a new one. I really recommend getting the extended warranty. For 4 years it is only 70 dollars. And if my boys are playing with an electronic device, it will break!! So, we got a new DVD player and headed off to Texas.

It seems like it took forever to get there. Between lunch breaks, potty breaks, diesel breaks, and me breaking up World War Three in the back seat, it was about time for us to get there! The horse was a good girl. She is a bit skinny and needs a lot of groceries, but I think that will be an easy fix. She also was in a need of a good foot trimming. But other than that she was a pretty good girl. She has been used as a calf roping horse in the past. This was a plus since Big Cowpoke is all into roping. Mr. Cowboy rode her first and she was a good girl, so we switched to his kid saddle and Big Cowpoke rode her for about 2 minutes. She just walked and then turned and walked back. Big Cowpoke gets a bit nervous riding so it was good to see how mellow she was with him. But here are some pictures of her. They are the ones the seller sent to me so they are a bit small. The horse is also a lot fatter in the pictures than she is now.

They called her Pretty Girl. I am not so sure about that name. What do you call her? Girl? Big Cowpoke likes that name. But I am not so sure. She is 16 years old and she just might be used to that name so she might just be stuck with it. Poor old Girl. She is settling in well. She stayed in a stall last night and then this morning we fed her and then let her out in the big pasture. I wish I had my camera for this next part. She actually went swimming in our pond. She got in all the way up to her head!! It was crazy. All the other horses just stood at the edge of the pond looking at her. They probably were all like, "What is that new girl doing? Is she crazy?" It was neat to see her just walk right in the pond and make her self at home. I hope she likes it here.


Karen said...

Congrats! And just like that you bought her and brought her home?! Girl, may we never get together on a horsey trip. My husband would not be happy.

Amanda said...

Crazy will fit right in there on the farm! I'm glad you found a good one!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new mare! She looks like a "lady" to me. Happy Easter!