Thursday, March 6, 2008

Making Babies!

I have been trying for over a year now for a baby. Not just any baby though. I want a special baby. I would like it to be big! With a large rear end and a nice looking chest! I want it to have four legs and a mane and a tail. I want a foal! That is a horse baby for those of you who don't know. I have been trying to get my Thoroughbred mare bred since last year. She had a baby last April and after that I tried to get her bred. But she never would take, so we didn't have a baby.

She is a very special mare. When I first bought her the people who sold her to me laughed at me when I said I was going to ride her and we were going to jump fences. They laughed! Well, I brought her home and my Father in Law said, "That is the ugliest horse I have ever seen! What did you do, cut the ears off of a Mule?". But those comments didn't change my mind on what a wonderful horse she could be.

I began to ride her. My sweet husband built me jumping standards and bought me some jumping poles and off we were. She loved it! I started to show her in a club called CHC. We competed in English Equitation and in a small hunter/jumper class. For a horse and rider that got laughed at about 6 months ago, we were sure winning some blue ribbons. We ended up getting Champion in the jumping class and we won our first belt buckle! I was so excited. She is a gentle loving mare. I can trust her with anyone.

Here is Big Cowpoke at 4 years old leading her and holding her for some pictures. She is just really laid back. Here they are together bareback and in a halter and lead rope. They are so cute! She is such a good girl. Here she is with my sister (who will probably kill me for posting this picture). My sister has ridden about maybe 3 times and look what a great team they made. My sister didn't want to go fast so they just walked, very slowly, around the pasture.

Any way, I have two babies out of her already but I wanted something more. I wanted something big! I had found out that she is a great granddaughter of the great War Admiral, he was a big time race horse. That is nice to know that she has a great pedigree. So, I went on a hunt to find the perfect boyfriend for my girl. And this is who I found. I was in love!

This is him. His name is Final Review (Casper). He has his own web page!! He is a big boy! He also has beautiful big babies! Well, last year I tried to breed my mare to him with no luck. She just didn't take. Casper was way up in Maryland and we were down here in Louisiana. The long distance relationship was just not working for the two of them. But good news. Casper moved to Texas. So, now we are going to take her to visit her boyfriend in person. Or would that be in horse?

Today I took Pearl to the vet to check her and to do some necessary blood work. She is not anywhere near ready to go and "see" her boyfriend. But at least the process has begun. I am so excited for her. Not that she knows what is about to happen, but I just can't wait. I am so excited to have a big chunky baby!! Am I just totally weird to be so excited about this? It almost consumes all my thoughts and free time. Well, except for when I am messing with the kids. But the rest of the time my head is in horsey dream land! It's a sick disease I have! But I love it! Good Luck Pearl!!

Also, just a rodeo update in case you haven't been able to sleep not knowing what was going on with our rodeo schedule. We are going to our first one on Saturday! I will take lots of pictures!!


Karen said...

Oooh, fun. You'll have to keep us informed. Baby fever overtakes me yearly, but I get my fix from puppies. Foals would be too fun!

Jennifer said...

Are you weird? No way. If you are, then I am too, LOL. A Quarter Horse breeding farm. Thats my dream.

And YAY, I cant wait to see Rodeo pics!

Amanda said...

You should talk to Julene. She seems to know all about having big babies. Maybe she can give Pearl a pep-talk. And thanks for the picture.

Rachael Myers said...

Hey! Found your Blog!!! I sure hope you get your mare in foal!!! WOW, she is pretty and looks to be a good mare!