Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Much to do About Nothing.

There has not been much of anything going on here. We have been trying to stay at home to recover from our wild weekend adventure. Spring Break is now in full swing. It's really nice to have Big Cowpoke home. He is such a big helper. He and Little Cowpoke have been playing all morning long. We are going to be headed to the vet's office in a few hours. But other than that we haven't been doing anything. So, I thought I would take some down time to share some pictures we had taken over Christmas. We went to Utah for Christmas and to our "family" photographer. He is really great. His name is Robert Dyer. He is great. But I have said that already. I don't know how to use my scanner so I had to take pictures of the pictures so they are, a bit blurry, but here they are.
The family picture was fun. Little Cowpoke wouldn't sit still and Cowpokette was starting to get mad. It is hard to get everyone smiling at once. And holy cow I was a chunky monkey in that picture. I have lost 12 pounds since that photo. Thank goodness!! But I am trying to get Mr. Cowboy to go and look at a roping horse tomorrow. We will see if I can drag him over to Texas. We are looking for a roping horse that Big Cowpoke can ride. I hope we can go and look at the horse. Because we need another one! Come on like 19 aren't enough!! :)


Wendy said...

I vaguely remember a post about SELLING horses? ;-)

Cute pictures.

I keep trying to send you some pictures from the campout but my email gives and error message every time. I'll try again, if it doesn't do it, I'll just bring my card to your house and you can download them.

Karen said...

Great pics!

Okay, girl, if you need a horse I've got one to sell. And better yet, we can trade and it'll be a win-win for everyone. Sort of. ;)

Amanda said...

I didn't know you had lost so much weight? You are putting me to shame. All those darn cakes.

Squatly said...

these are sooo cute! why wasn't i told about the family photo day?