Friday, September 19, 2008

Finished and Frustration

I have finally finished the last book in the Twilight series. It was really good. I think the first and the last book were my favorites. That was about the only thing that was going my way today.

I rode Ozzie for about 45 minutes, tonight. He must have had a blurb in his memory today. He acted like he had never been asked to "set" his head before. Then when I would ask him to trot off, he acted like we were in a hurry to get somewhere. We did a lot of stopping and backing. Days like this in training leave me wanting to send the horse to someone else. Just get the riding over and done with. I know how to break colts. I know how to do all that hard work. I just do not like the time it takes to get from green broke to the , "Oh now I get it, point". Sigh. I guess it didn't help that he had not been ridden in about three days. I have been lunging him but I guess that is not enough. I just have not had the time either. Mr. Cowboy is working like crazy lately. He was going to ride Ozzie for me tonight out in the big pasture. But he had to work. My thoughts were that Mr. Cowboy will just get on Ozzie and ride. I get too worried about where his head is and what is hip is doing, that I can't just let Ozzie be. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. I think what Ozzie needs right now is to feel confident in his gaits before I can really start concentrating on slowing things down or setting his head. Urg. Again, this is where I would have loved to have had a good trainer ride my horse. I have been trying to undo a lot of what was done. Ozzie now hangs on my hands and he depends on me to put him where he is supposed to go. I like my horses to just go. To walk a straight line with out me baby sitting every hoof step. Okay, I will just let it go and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow is always another day.

Totally off the subject, but, the other day the kids and I had some really big boxes to play with so I made them some play houses. I didn't have time to edit all the photos, so here is a sneak peak for tomorrow's post.
I am pooped, so I am going to go to bed. Oh, I forgot the best part of my story from my day from kid craziness. The kids and I were in the grocery store, the bread isle to be exact, when Big Cowpoke just randomly threw up all over the isle way floor. I was walking and he had to tell me to stop. Yep, the "Clean up on isle 2", was my child. I really started to feel bad about the mess. A big grateful that I didn't have to clean it up for once. But I didn't feel so bad when we were in the bathroom and they guy that had to clean it up looked at us with a smile and said, "Oh well, at least it makes my day interesting and go by faster." Talk about a sweet spirit that guy has. I would have said something a bit....uhm.....more....... not pleasant. So, I am now going to bed. Until tomorrow. Y'all come back now ya hear!


Michelle's Rambling Woods said...

My daughter was about 18 months when she vomited in a K-Mart all over a rack of warning at all.

Speaking of vomit..hey a lead in. I had posted about turkey vultures and you had said they were big...The poor turkey vulture has no means of defending itself other than vomiting. It doesn't bite, claw or really many sounds. It just vomits...

Melanie said...

OMG!!! I once helped a totally random couple in the airport, who's 18 month old had a high fever and was projectile vomiting all over the floor and was an ugly job, but I felt sorry for them (they were Spanish speaking only, and NOBODY would help them).

Glad that Ozzie is back with you, and that you have time to ride/train him! :)

Twinville said...

Hey Andrea,

Sorry about the downer of a day.
Sounds like you just need to let Ozzie enjoy being home for a while,
and you just enjoy Ozzie.
There is plenty of time for training, so don't feel so much pressure, k?

Ozzie is a great horse. It'll all work out.

Sounds like you are just missing your hubby, especially after all the hurricane drama.
You probably just need some downtime and normalness.
Or as much as you can get of normalness! haha

Hang in there.

That guy at the grocery store was an angel. wow. To say that cleaning up some stranger's kid's vomit is adding some interest to his day is quite admirable.
If only there were more people like that in this world.

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The guy in the grocery store is awesome! Doesn't it seem to take forever to get a horse past being "green"? It's a full-time job. Those of us who can only spare a few hours now and then have to be especially patient.

The Wades said...

You have had more than your fair share of vomiting!!! Enough already!

I wish I were closer--I'd take that nice guy a plate of cookies for his great attitude--the world needs more people like him!

Laura said...

Yeah, when Jake puked all over the McDonalds lobby, I didn't feel bad either. I actually kind of rolled my eyes in a "here we go again" sort of way. But I was so very very happy they said, "Don't worry about it--we'll get it." Yea for McDonalds!

Tj and Mark said...

I am inspired by the guy in the grocery store. It is hard enough cleaning your own child's vomit and poo, but someone else's child takes a tough stomach. What a great attitude he has and you have as well. All those things happening in one day and you seemed to keep your head above the water with a good perspective. Way to go. Keep your patience with Ozzie, he will be fine. I have found that one day will be like that, and I will second guess my methods. Then the next day they will do really well. Everyone has bad days, ya know.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

You poor thing! Poor little guy too-I hate the feeling you get right before you get sick.

Don't fret about Ozzie. He's a baby-just take him out and lope him some. Sounds like he just needs to move out and get comfortable carrying himself-of course, it could be he is getting more energy from the extra feed...and that isn't a bad thing.
I am sure that you know this, but a really good exercise to help teach a horse to rate is working them on and off the rail. When they start getting strung out-roll them off the fence and jog or lope off in the other direction. When they get fast again-repeat. This teaches lots of things-how to roll over their hocks, how to push off, how to rate their speed and jog or lope transitions. Babies like Ozzie get tired pretty quick, so don't overdo it. The headset will come later.:)

Danielle Michelle said...

I think you're at that point with Ozzie where the guy I work with would say " stop worrying about what you're doing and just RIDE the horse" basically, just ride...don't worry about making him do what you want right now, let him settle in. It sounds like you aren't doing ANYTHING but it's really wierd how it works.

It sound like that's what Browneyed Cowgirls are telling you. If he's not quiet along the fence, work him off it and bring him back to it so he knows that's a comfortable spot..and then just RIDE him! Don't get down on yourself - he'll come along! And then you need to take a break and come to Vegas ;)