Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morgans and Minis

Okay so I am a total slacker and I did not take one single picture of the Morgan horses. Let me just say that my friend's sister in law has some really nice show horses. She has a bunch of clients. She is one of the best trainers in the Morgan world. I being so dumb did not take a single picture. But I did take some pictures of the miniature horses. They were so cute and I really wanted to take one home in my van with me. This barn was on the way to the miniatures. I love it when farmers make their shingles say things. I think it's pretty. We passed one that looked like a John Deere tractor but again, I was a slacker. Little Cowpoke was really excited to see the miniature horses. I loved them too. I am convinced that I need one. For petting purposes. There were a ton of miniature horses there. Maybe about 14 or so. I am not too sure. there was this super sweet gelding. He is really old. He was used in 4 H. He was a show horse. He pulled a buggy. Now he is retired and hangs out in the barn yard. He is ever so sweet. Little Cowpoke loved him. As we were hanging out in the barn yard, my friend, Karen told me to look into the barn. This is what I saw. It was scary dark. I used my flash so you all could see Midnight. He is one huge llama. We did manage to get him to venture out and visit with us. He was a rescue llama. The owner found him in a slaughter pen and brought him home. He is not too sure about being touched, but he has no problem touching you. Here Midnight is being very sneaky sneaky. Karen has no idea that he is creeping up on her. He actually touched his nose to her arm. It was pretty funny. He really didn't want anything to do with her once she turned around. He is such a silly llama. I think I need one of those too. Midnight is kinda cheeky, don't you think. He is very pleased with himself. I do believe he is smiling. Since the llama cleared out of the barn we got to go inside and see the baby miniature horses. Little Cowpoke stood really still in the corner. He really wanted to touch the baby. Then the baby got really curious about why there was such a tiny human in his stall. The baby just barely touched Little Cowpoke's hand and then jumped back to his mother's side. Little Cowpoke was in miniature baby heaven. I think that made his day. It was really neat. We then went back outside and this is what we saw.

Dead llama. Look how he can turn his head all sorts of strange ways. And can you see that belly? Talk about well insulated for the winter time. Again, I do believe he is smiling at me. This llama is in llama heaven. There is one trick that Midnight does. I got a video of it. That is Midnight's claim to fame. If you put down a bucket of water in front of him he will kick it over. Every time. That was his second bucket. He has a really large bucket of drinking water that he can not kick over. He is a silly llama. Then Little Cowpoke saw this.

He ran over to this dog and said, "Look Momma, this dog has polka dots!!!" He was so very excited about the dog with polka dots. He had never seen a dalmatian before. Then before we left we took a look at the stud and mare minis.The red roan is the stallion. He was very protective over his mares. There were some really beautiful tri colored mares. Then before we left the boys had to say bye to the super sweet gelding. Big Cowpoke came out of the van just in time to take a rest on the cute paint gelding. I would have taken this pony home in a heart beat. Then last but not least, I had to get a picture in here of Evelyn showing off her teeth. She finally smiled for me.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun on your trip. I'm glad your house was safe and all the men inside. Sorry I haven't been that great of a blog commenter lately. The whole travelling thing gets in the way!

Pony Girl said...

Bummer, I was lookin' forward to pictures of the Morgans, but the cute minis, llama, and Evelyn made up for it! ;)

Carroll Farm said...

We have 5 minis and my 2 year olds love them. They brush them, feed them and chase them around all the time. One is Nipper - and she will get you if you don't watch out. She is just wanting attention. LOL We have 2 that are old pony ride minis - we have a mini saddle that we put on them and the 2 little girls ride them around all the time.

Love the Llama!!

Twinville said...

Midnight is huge and stocky! My two llamas are more petite then he. But what a big ole handsome face he has.
Looks like he recently got a barrel cut, too. That bucket tipping would be an annoying trick around here. Silly llama!

The mini's were just so ADORABLE! My 5 yr old has been begging for one as she is a little intimidated of bigger horses and refuses to sit on one. Even our own paint mare, Baby Doll.

I love that the minis are mostly just pets and it's ok just to enjoy them for what they are. That gelding looks sweet, too.

I like the photo of your boys hanging out with him.
If you didn't know he was a mini horse, you might think your boys had grown up all of a sudden and were leaning on a full grown horse. Interesting perspective, eh?

haha :)

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

kdwhorses said...

Oh my goodness, we have cuteness all over the place today! Love the minis!! The llama is neat, already heavy coated!

Danielle Michelle said...

How fun! I REALLY want a mini-donkey. I'm going to get one one day....Then teach him to pull a cart!

Jenn said...

I wish I had of been with you, I love going to places that have different animals and barns,to look at !

The Wades said...

Sure wish our mini wasn't evil. OK, I'm sorta teasing. He just has issues. (stud!!) I hope we can find a sweet one to love.