Thursday, September 11, 2008

Up, Up, and Away!!

While visiting my friend I had to eat at my favorite restaurant, Frickers. There was a Fricker's Restaurant by the college I went to. And not too many years ago there was a Fricker's built near my friend's house. So before we went to the mall, where there was a bungy jumpy thing. I am not sure what it was called. But the kids loved it.
This is Mason. He was up first. That boy is like a Mexican jumping bean. He was fearless. He was even cutting back flips. Then it was his sister's turn and she was crazy too. She would jump super high and do back flips too. Again being a slacker photographer I didn't get any pictures of her. Then Big Cowpoke was up. He was not too sure about this. He got all strapped in and then told the guy, "Don't go too high, I don't want to go too high. That is high enough!!" At first he didn't go too high. Then he got a little more comfortable and then started jumping. He never did a flip, but he did end up going a bit higher. That is a happy face, I promise. Little Cowpoke was a bit different. He listened to the instructions. And held on tight. Karen would grab his straps and pull him down and then send him flying higher up into the air. So much fun. Little Cowpoke even did some back flips. He is going to be my wild child, I just know it. He will be the bull rider, if any of my kids do it. Which I hope non of them do. After getting the kids' stomachs all jostled around we went to Fricker's. This was the kids' table. There is Ally. You wouldn't know that Karen had a daughter. She is very very smart. I am not just saying that either because she is my best friend's daughter. Ally is smart. She reads really well and can do math like a whiz kid. And here is Karen and her man. Her man wasn't feeling well. I had the "flu" for about 6 days and the her man got it too. Sorry. He was a good sport and ate at Frickers with us. That was about all we did. It was way too short of a vacation. It was so great to see her. We live so far away and with three kids each we never get time or money to be able to go and visit. We had a great time.


Karen said...

That looks like WAAAAAY too much fun.

kdwhorses said...

I want a turn! LOL! LOoks like a blast, what a great resturant, never even heard of it!

BTW-Doing fine as of today, it is not supposed to hit us until Saturday around lunch they are saying. BUt ya they are saying right over the top of us. Worst case is at least 4-10 inches of rain, wind & wind gusts up to 50 mph, tornadoes, flooding, etc., etc. I was hoping it would vear off and not come straight at us. Went yesterday and got food supplies ready, have hay, feed for all the animals. We are planning on staying, but if we have to leave will take all the horses and dog with us. I guess the cat will stay in the house! Not sure he would like living in a carrier! LOL! Little cowgirl is nervous, everyone seems to be talking about it. Glad it is over the weekend, if not we would be taking her out of school so she could be with us. Thanks for the concern and I will post as soon as it's over and check in with ya! Ya'll may be getting alittle rain as well from Ike.

The Wades said...

that is a look of pure joy on your younger son's face! awesome picture!