Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hay, That's a Load!

This past weekend we were busy picking up hay. When we pick up hay, everyone has a job. I always get stuck as the driver and babysitter. I also am the picture taker. Which for some reason makes Mr. Cowboy really upset. He will say things like, "Put the camera down and drive. Pay attention!" Come on I am barely idling, how much do I have to pay attention? We were one of the first people on the field. The men who bale the hay call people to come and pick it up out of their fields. We were picking up 105 bales for us, 75 bales for Mr. Cowboy's brother's horses, and 75 more for Mr. Butch. Mr. Cowboy is the stacker. He normally stands on the trailer and stacks all the hay. But we got to the field first, so, he started lining up the hay on the ground. While driving I am limited to the photos I can take. Thank goodness the Ford has large side view mirrors. Mr. Cowboy's brother got there and helped us load up. The guys make it look so easy. Little Cowpoke jumped on the back to help stack. I love it when the kids try to help their Dad. It didn't take us very long to stack up our 105 bales. Those will be used up this winter along with the other 250 bales we have at home. I hope we have enough. Last year we had 6 bales left over. We were cutting it close! The little Cousins helped too. This one is a cutie. She saw that I had my camera and posed for me. The kids would help roll the bales closer to the trailers. And they would sit and wait for the trailer to catch up to them. Kids have so much energy. Big Cowpoke is there with his cousin. He has his hair spiked for his soccer game he had that morning. Their team lost. They are 0-2. Send in the troops for some reinforcements. Wait, hold one for a picture. See, I told you that that cute little cousin is wonderful at getting her picture taken. She is such a ham. Go Go!!Help is on the way. It will be great when all those kids are bigger and they can be the hay tossers and leave the driving to us old folks. Wait a second. What is this? The two older ones are trying to get Little Cowpoke to jump out of a moving trailer. Good thing I was standing by. They got in trouble and a short lecture on the dangers of jumping off of a moving trailer. What will those kids think up next? My sister in law got in their truck. She is awesome. She drives a stick. I have never learned how to drive a standard. I tried once in high school and I couldn't even get the truck started. *Sigh*These kids have such fun together. The oldest Cousin actually could lift some bales. And the Girl Cousin was great at helping me babysit. She is a wonderful helper.

"Hey Cousin!! Come here!! " They were all yelling. Love those crazy kids. So, who wanted me to put the camera down? Mr. Cowboy is such a ham. I wonder where the kids get it from. He only pretends to no like me taking pictures. And what is that in his mouth? Is that hay I see? Sometimes I wonder about this man. We were all loaded up. It didn't take too long. Then we had to go home and unload it all. Ugh. Hopefully we will not be needing any more hay for this winter. This time hay was $4.25 a bale. When I first moved here 5 years ago, it was $2.25 a bale.

Oh and a quick note. Horses can't feel their mane. So, it doesn't hurt them when their manes are pulled. I do if for showing. I like it short and thinned so I can band and braid their manes.

I also have been cantering Ozzie. He has been doing really great. If he keeps up the good work I will be putting my jumper saddle on him and heading to my friends barn for some ground pole lessons. I am excited about that. Ozzie is a quick learner. Right now he gets ridden four days a week and lunged one day. He and I get the weekends off.


Callie said...

All I have to I'm glad I get mine delivered! LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What great pics! It's wonderful how everyone pitches in, too.

Only $4.25 a bale???

It's over $8.00 a bale here in NM...and sometimes even $12.00 a bale!
To get a truckload of hay, folks around here have to take out a loan or a second mortgage!

You guys are so lucky!

ps...glad to read that Ozzie is doing so well with cantering now. :)


spellbound said...

Hey! Is that a block O and scarlet and grey on Little Cowpoke??? Or are my middle aged eyes playing tricks on me?
Go Bucks!
~~~ Beth (centralohiohorsehappenings)

kdwhorses said...

Yeah for the hay! Hauling hay is such fun! We always have a blast doing it, it's hard work, you have to do something to have fun! LOL! So neat that it is a family affair!

Good job with Ozzie! Keep it up!

Melanie said...

When I was a kid, we used to always help out the local farmers during hay season, so your post brings back lots of memories! :)

Ozzie's mane looks fabulous, and I am glad that you are getting to ride him a lot. I am sure that he is much happier with you than he was with The!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

10 years ago I was paying $6.00 a bale and now it is $12.00 a bale. The kids looked like they were having a blast. My kids used to enjoy helping with tasks like that. Now I have to twist some arms. I'll bet everyone was sore after all that lifting. I just have a harrow deliver mine.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Man, I don't miss "idiot block" detail. Megan misses getting to feed from square bales though.

I meant to get some pictures of how they pick up square bales in Colorado. Some of those guys have this handy thing that scoops the bales up, runs them into a single row, then the table the row is on dumps them on the stack. I couldn't believe it when I saw a guy using it. When they get a stack on the trailer, they can take the trailer where ever they want to stack it and chains on the bed of the trailer slide the whole thing off. All neatly stacked and it didn't require a single person to heave it. Now I could live with feeding square bales if I had that handy thing.

Jenn said...

I use to do that as a kid every summer at my grandparents. It's fun when you really don't have to do any of the lifting!

Rambling Woods said...

What a great series of photos as it is so different from where I live..

Cactus Jack Splash said...

WOW! That is a great price, I paid $13 a bale-delivered and stacked.
Looks almost like you guys were having fun

Sheldon Jen & Ryanne said...

loving the side mirror pictures!

Danielle Michelle said...

I want hay from LA! It's $6.00 + here per bale. Getting close to $180/ton!

People in Denver are paying $12/bale. Isn't that crazy!!!! Thank God for pasture!

Train Wreck said...

Our hay is 13.75 a bale! We get cubes, they are awesome. No mess. the horses can't throw them all over the ground, so no waste. They eat them through out the day. They are bigger than pellets so no choking! Easy to pack in you horse trailer. I love it!We just take a stocke trailer and load it up, back it in the barn and voilia! Done. Cute little helpers though!

Carroll Farm said...

Yes, Trainwreck - cubes are good - we use them too. We do alfalfa and bermuda in the morning. Josh went to get a bale in Phoenix the other day and it was $19 for ONE bale! No wonder we are having a 'horsey crisis'.

bella said...

Years ago when visiting family in Ireland Ernie was able to help with the haying. Since it didn't get dark until midnight they got a whole lot of work out of him!

Love your pictures! I can't seem to get good shots.

The Wades said...

Put the camera down???!!! The nerve of that man! ;) Doesn't he know we help with things like that so we can have the pictures for the post?! Glad you didn't listen--cute pictures.

We've been getting hay for $5-$6 a bale.