Friday, October 10, 2008

Shopping and a Giveaway, or Two

The other day I went out shopping. I love to shop. Mr. Cowboy will second that thought. I have been dying to get a new saddle pad. I have been using two pads for the longest time. Well, one pad and one blanket. I was using a Navajo blanket under an Equine Classic Contour Pedic pad. I have been using those two pads since my freshman year in college. That was 7 years ago, so it was time for an upgrade. I had been looking at the Professional Choice SMx Heavy Duty Air Ride pads. They are really nice. I was going to order a pad out of a catalogue, but I have the need to hold the pad, to feel it, to ask 101 questions about how hot my horse will get in it. So, I ended up getting a Twenty X SMx Heavy Duty Air Ride pad. I found it on sale for $100. Every where else they were listed for $140-180. I was so proud of my shopping. Mr. Cowboy thinks I am ridiculous. So, here is Ozzie modeling his new pad. The one thing I do not like about new saddle pads are how stiff they are. See how the pad is so stiff on the top of his back. This pad surprised me and conformed nicely to my horse's back. It was not stiff at all. He loved it. Well, as much as a horse loves to be saddled and worked. I just wanted to make a quick before and after note. The above photo was taken two days ago. Look at the muscle on Ozzie's rump. I have had him home for about 6 weeks now. I have been working him for about 4 weeks. Now, look at the before picture below, this is Ozzie at 6 weeks at the "dorky Trainer". Now, he doesn't look too bad, but he is definitely thinner, and lacks a lot of butt muscle. I know he is half Thoroughbred, but he doesn't have to have such a pointy butt. Now that I have said this, I will stop talking about my loser "trainer" and I will move on.
"Yeah, will ya stop talking about my rump and that horrible man you sent me to?" Fine, I will stop. Before I jumped on Ozzie, I wanted to make sure he liked his new pad, so I lunged him for a minute. This is a wonderful example of how not to hold your rope while lunging. Oh dear. Little Cowpoke was sitting on top of the round pen panels taking pictures. He is so great to take pictures of me working Ozzie. He is also only three. He actually isn't half bad. Here I am, randomly standing in the middle of a pasture. Well, I am holding a rope, if you can see that?Look and here I am riding. This is after Little Cowpoke went streaking across the yard and declaring he just went poo poo in the bushes. He was so thoughtful to take one last snap shot of my ride. I think I need one of those "shoulder back" contraptions. My posture is horrible. Again, if you can see from that far away. I zoomed in, and I don't recommend zooming in. But what I do recommend is that you try to win one of my fabulous giveaways!!

Here is the first prize that is up for grabs. Am I aloud to show the prize before the contest? Or should I make everyone wait and wonder what the prize shall be? Oh, well, I will just show you.This is a 4x6 faux leather photo frame. I think it's too cute. In order to win this beauty, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. So easy right!! I know, I know. Now for the second prize that is up for grabs. This wonderful bag of sweet goodness is Burt's Bees Hand Repair Kit. It's for all those hard working woman out there, who are not afraid to use their hands and get dirty. This little bag has everything you will need to have softer, younger looking hands. Hmm....younger looking hands. But anyway, to win this prize all you have to do is leave a comment in this post and give this horse a name. She is 14 years old and is going to be registered with the Pinto Horse Association. She will need to have a registered name. We call her Blaze. But I wanted something more, a fun registered name. She is a solid paint. We don't know her pedigree. My husband bought her as a yearling and the old man got Alzheimer's and forgot who her parents were. But we do know she was supposed to be registered with APHA. Anyway, she needs a fun registered name. She has a flaxen mane and tail, and is 14.2 hands tall. She also is the smoothest ride you will ever ride.

This is a horrible picture of her, but sadly it's one of the only pictures I have of her. But anyway, I can't wait to see some of your suggestions. That baby in the picture is hers and it's name is Ima Sonny Miss. She is by a Sonny Dee Bar Stallion. Anyway, the Contest will go on until Monday October 13, 2008 at midnight Pacific time.


Mrs Mom said...

Oh Andrea!! YOu had me rolling with this one. Wrecking Crew has a thing about using The Great Outdoors as a potty too. What is it with these boys? They seem to think the entire Outdoor World in their personal toilet!!

Little Cowpoke does a great job as your photographer too.

Oh- hey- I forgot! I tagged you over at my Daily Journal blog for some fun!! ;) (Please dont beat me up too bad!)

Wish I could pop out a bunch of names for you...but.... wellll.. that is not quite my strong point. hehe.. Blaze works! ;) Blazing Autumn? Heck I

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That is fabulous that you've got your 3-year-old taking pictures! That's a nice saddle pad. That's the other brand that I had been eyeing.

For a name, how about Blazin' Ballerina Dee?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...
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Cactus Jack Splash said...

My husband bought me an impact gel pad for Christmas. It is a lovely pad, but I can't use it on Jack. For some reason it causes the saddle to roll-go figure.
A good pad will last a long time. I still have the wool/canvas pad that I bought for my first horse Moonshine Nikki-it is now 42 years old and Dakota uses it for Ginger.

Laura said...

I think you should name her Rory. Like in Aurora, the princess. Besides, I'm giving a "Welcome Baby" shower tonight and the baby's name is Rory! lol

Jenn said...

Scarlett or Scarlett Sunshine for her blonde sunny hair or Sunny Scarlett haha !

Grey Horse Matters said...

The pad looks great, very pretty and it looks comfy too.
As for a name, I'm really terrible at naming horses, dogs, kids etc... But a few names I've always liked for mares would be:
Ruby, Dixie, Jewel and that's about it.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

ahhhh, you bought the pad Megan has been wanting!! I have it in tan/navy. I really like it on all but a couple of my horses-got a few that need cut-outs on the withers.
You will enjoy it!!
Ozzie does look good. He is really filling out. Don't matter if he is TB or not-a growing boy needs his feed and a lot of it.;)

LMAO on Little Cowpoke and the outdoor toilet-yep, it is a boy thing. My nephew did the same thing. Girls...not so much.

No names are coming to mind for your mare. But I'm confused? How are you getting her registered with the Pinto Association if she is solid? Did I not read correctly?

kdwhorses said...

You will love the pad! I have a Equine ESP pad I bought last year and love it! Of course mine's in chocolate and pink, go figure!!

Ozzie looks great! Such a change from the trainer's!

ROTFL!! His outdoor potty! BEC I have a girl that goes potty outside all the time! I'm praying she just doesn't do it when company is here! LOL! But when I'm riding she knows she can't leave the pasture, so she will find a place and go and has figured it out! I'm sure she's not the norm for a girl though! LOL!

HMMMMMMMM.........a name for Blaze, this is not my strong point for sure, but I'll play along! Y'alls name then Blazing Saddles, I'm little Blaze, Blaze of Glory. Okay I'll stop those are not good at all! Sorry!

Belle said...

Love your pictures. Looks like your kids take better pictures than I do!

Is it the weather or what? Erin's youngest just ran into RS Enrichment (he must have escaped the nursery) bare butt! I heard he made quite an entrance.

Melanie said...

First...I am liking that trainer below in his breeches.

Second...Ozzie is looking GREAT!!! I was thinking that he looks much more muscled and fuller than he used to.

Third... The "poo poo in the bushes" thing made me laugh so hard, I spit my water out on the computer screen!!!

Fourth...I will have to think about that name! I will be back before the 13th!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Has it really been 6 weeks since that handsome horse has been home with you? Time is flying by!
Ozzie has definetely filled out well. He a has a gorgeous backside!

I was SO cracking up when you said that Little Cowpoke pooped in the bushes!! hehehe
I sure hope he washed his hands before handling that camera, though (Ewww!)

I love that picture frame, but I'm going to offer up a name for that mare, too.

That is one beautiful mare with eyes so gentle and sweet.
How sad that her background has been forgotten.

I suggest naming her:

"Forget Me Not"

As in the pretty flowers, but also so noone will ever forget her again.
Maybe her barn name could be 'Fergie", or "Flower".

I hope you like my name choice :)


spellbound said...

Oh, I love Lisa's name choice. Can't think of one myself at this time.

I have that same pad in black and creams. I love it. Rio is pretty easy to fit so no worries with it slipping or rolling. I have had it over a year and it still looks really good!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I have been following (and laughing) with yours for a while now. Love the pics (and your fav was the view from the truck when you went to get hay). I would agree that Little Cowpoke is following in your footsteps.

Oh, and I have to agree w/Melanie on the trainer pics. I am usually partial to cowboys but hmmmm.

Cheers and Go BUCKS!


Melanie said...

What about "Smooth as Silk?" because she is a smooth!!!

Or..."Painted Dreams," because she is a paint that ain't!

Or.."Blaze My Way?" because....she is called!!!

I really like Lisa's idea too though!!!

20 meter circle of life said...

Ok I am a stalker and hardely ever comment...But I look at her and
"Mz Sonny Sugarlips" comes to mind.
But hey thats just me,

Anonymous said...

Andrea this might be long for her papers but how about-

"Louisiana's Suburbia Blaze"
or maybe just "Blaze'n Suburbia."

She's a pretty gal. Oh I have the same blanket different color and love it! Take care, ang.

Tj and Mark said...

I thought it might be nice to tie her babies name to her as well: Ima Blazing Star or Ima Blazin' By or maybe just Ima Blazin'.

I think my son just got the same pad for his mare, and he really likes it. Did you find it online for sale? I need to get a new pad too.

Rambling Woods said...

I don't have any names to offer..just stopped by to catch up and I do enjoy your stories and I learned another horse vocabulary word. LOL..

Danielle Michelle said...

Ozzie's lookin' great! Those pads rock and what a deal!!! I'm the same way...I need to touch everything and it's so hard in this isolated valley!!!

Well - I'll give naming your new lady a shot, but I'm horrible at naming animals until I've been around them for awhile and they just seem to name themselves...OKay - for a barn name : Goldilocks or just stick with Blaze!

For a registrared name: Louisiana's Autumn Blaze

be a saint said...

Seems the kids in this house are the only ones taking pics lately, too! Love it.

The Wades said...

You were a freshman in college only seven years ago? You young thing, you!!!

kdwhorses said...

Okay here are a few more:

Mrs. Blaze Suburbia

Andrea's Blazing Sun

Ima Little Blazing Suburbia

Ima Little Flax Blaze

UGH, I had so many popping into my head and I sit down to type them and there gone! LOL!

KD said...

You and your little poo-poo boy ! :-)

How about Cowpoke's Blaze O Glory or Swamp Thing or Lil Bit of Blaze ?

I know - all corny, but what the hay?