Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time's Up, Sale Barn, and Another Contest!!

Okay time is up for my contest, but it's not too late to go my friend's blog and see her fabulous contest. She is an awesome photographer and she makes the greatest cards!! So, if you need some Christmas cards made for you family, she is the one to do it!! All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog and then put a link to her photography blog on your blog. I so need some Christmas cards this year, so I am hoping I will win!! YEAH!!

But speaking of winners, I will have my drawing on Wednesday. I have been super busy lately and I have to get more organized. Few. We went and looked at an old horse the other day. A horse trader, who frequents the sale barn, found a 17 year old gelding. There was a note with the gelding that read, "8 year old, good kids horse, old roping horse, can double on him." The man in the sale barn checked the horse's teeth and said the horse was at least 17 and the lady who brought him must have forgot the 1 in front of the 8. The horse trader, who's name is Dallas, bought the gelding for $225 dollars. My father in law told me all about the horse and so we went and looked at it. The Cowpokes need something to ride next year because Pearl will be having her baby.

We went to Dallas's barn. The horse is so crossed with an Arabian. Either that or it's the funkiest Quarter Horse I have ever seen. The girls riding the horse insisted it was a Quarter Horse. I just smiled and agreed. Dallas has some girls that work for him. They give "lessons" and ride all the sale barn finds. My father in law could have bought the gelding for $225, but he wanted Dallas's girls to ride him first, just in case. It's insurance. That way if the gelding is crazy, my kids will not have to find that out.

I wish I would have taken some pictures of this gelding, but I didn't. I am going back on Wednesday to try him out again. Mr. Cowboy jumped on the horse and he was well behaved. He tried backing the horse up into the corner and then roping off of him. The horse did great "coming out of the box" but then he lacked brakes. He almost ran over our step mother in law. Mr. Cowboy giggled. Then Mr. Cowboy rode the horse out in the pasture and Mr. Cowboy said it was a bit barn sour. That is kinda like the last kids horse we had, so I am not too sure about that. Then Big Cowpoke got on the gelding in the arena. The poor horse had been ridden for a lesson for an hour, then Mr. Cowboy rode him for about 30 minutes, and the horse was just soaked. The horse needs weight and needs de wormed. But he behaved for Big Cowpoke. Mr. Cowboy rode double out into the pasture and the horse did well. Barn sour, but well. There was not any head tossing or hoof pawing, or frantic turns to try to get back to the barn. It was just a pull of the bit in the direction the horse wanted to go. So, not too bad. But Mr. Cowboy got the horse to do a little jog, which was cute. And the horse constantly sets his head like an Arabian show horse. So, either it was trained to do so, or it had a serious tie down on his face.

Dallas said that he would sell us the horse for $475. Talk about a profit. Dallas also said that he wasn't going to sell the horse to anyone else because he was going to keep him as a lesson horse. So, if we wanted him, then we could buy him. I told him I would call him this week and come back again. I get so nervous buying a horse from the sale barn. But these days perfectly good horses are going through there just because people can't afford them. So, I figure that the poor ugly gelding could use some loving from my Cowpokes. The gelding is gentle and didn't try anything funny. But I will see how I like him on Wednesday. I will take pictures too. And because I can't have a post with out a picture, I leave you with some craziness.

Out of focus, but she is so wild and gee, she was so tiny then. They grow up fast!


Mrs Mom said...

Ugly is as ugly does Andrea ;) I bet that old gelding would love to be with you guys. Those Cowpokes of yours might be just what he needs, too. As to the price increase in him- well, look at it like this. Maybe, just maybe, that extra $$ will go buying another horse from the sale, so that horse can have a chance too. ;)

LOVE the pic of Cowpokette!!! What a rip she is!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm with Mrs Mom. The trader may be doubling his money, but that is still pretty darn cheap for a nice, kid-safe horse!! And kid-safe horses usually are barn sour-they know they can get the upper hand on kids.

And how do you stand living with kids as cute as yours? I mean, cowpokette should be a baby model or something. Luv the DO-hehe

Tj and Mark said...

Browneyed cowgirls is right about most kids safe horses being a little barn sour. My Charlie is as well, totally bombproof, but a little too much in a hurry to go back home. Good luck. Too bad, Dallas won't let you try the gelding for a week at your place first. I always like doing that when we purchase a horse. We tried Sweet Willie for a whole month and he was an absolute steal at 250.00. He is a little sour too, but big, safe and lovable. Whew, I talk too much. :-)

Amanda said...

I do not think 17 is that old. My mare is 18 and has had 10 foals but still keeps up with the best of them and out rides a lot of them. I plan on riding her for many years to come.

kdwhorses said...

Agree too, what a find! A true kid's horse is worth there weight in gold! They normally do get alittle barn sour, but it doesn't sound like he's bad at all. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, if it gets the job done, than that's what counts! I take alot of cr*p for riding a mare! I just smile and go whoop there b*tts! Hoping it works out! I'm sure the horse could use some TLC, and your bunch would give him that!

She is just too cute!

The Wades said...

ALL of our horses are barn sour! ;)

I'm a little tortured without pictures myself. I was glad you threw in that last adorable shot of your cutie pie!

Train Wreck said...

Absolutley! A good kids horse is priceless! Not a bad price if you like him!
I swear you could make money havin babies! Your little girl is so beautiful! I would totally buy one! LOL(You know I am kidding!?) She looks like a doll! Hey there you go, make little dolls that look like her, I read a article on how women are buying baby dolls that look like infants! Crazy!!
I just want to squeeze her! Perfect little Angel!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My mare is barn sour, too. But her attempts at getting back home are usually half-hearted and she is sweet, gentle, and easy to get along with.
She os very tolerant of kids and all the noise they make and that is what is most important around our noisy ranch. lol!

Sounds like 'Vern' will be a great addition to your place for your kdis :)


Amanda said...

So I"m confused. I thought you had to sell Pretty Girl because you didn't have the money for her and now you're buying a new horse? You lost me. And I don't think I've ever scrolled down to the bottom of your blog before. Love the horse pic!!