Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Day at the Park

Yesterday Little Cowpoke and I went to the park. Since we live in the middle of no where we had to drive 25 minutes to get to the park. But it was well worth it. At this park they have an alligator exhibit. So cool. That was the first place we went. Little Cowpoke was amazed at the three large gators in the pool, Thibadeaux, Bodreaux, and the girl (I can't remember her name). Plus there is a 150 year old turtle. He was so ugly he was cute!!!
Here he is coming up for air. He had been under the water for three hours!! WOW!! He just crawled up Thibadeaux's back and stuck his head out of the water. Lane was so impressed!! His eyes were so big. He was so excited. Then the very nice lady at the desk asked if Little Cowpoke would like to hold a baby alligator!! AH, YES!!! This was so neat. She got out a baby girl gator named Jolie. They all have French names. Cajuns are French. So they are Cajun alligators with Cajun names. Little Cowpoke was so excited. He touched Jolie's legs and the nice lady told him all about her. Then he was able to hold it!!! He as so proud of himself. He was so gentle and Jolie didn't move a bit. Now I wouldn't touch it, but Little Cowpoke is so brave. Give me the hebe geebies!!! She is a good baby alligator. Little Cowpoke was talking soft because she was a baby alligator. So sweet.

After the alligators we ventured over the the playground. It was the first day the playground was open and Little Cowpoke was really the first one on the play stuff. How neat!! He loved this thing. It's a lady bug that bounces back and forth. Then there was this grass hopper. Little Cowpoke kept calling it a choo choo train. So I just smiled and agreed. I actually rode in the front of the grass hopper and Little Cowpoke rode in the back. He thought that was fantastic. There was a bumble bee which was tones of fun too!!!

After about an hour and a half of playing we were walking out when we saw this!! This crazy man sitting on the ground hand feeding this goose. I was amazed. I walked over and asked him if he ever saw America's Funniest Home Videos when the geese chase people all over. He just laughed. This goose seem perfectly friendly. This guy really wasn't crazy I just get a bit nervous when beaks get that close to me. I am a chicken!! This crazy man was actually really nice. He shared his two loaves of bread with Little Cowpoke. Little Cowpoke has never fed ducks before. He was so excited. The threw the bread and tried to pet the ducks.

There were lots of different ducks. This one has a really great hair style. It is a tuff that just sits on top of its head. Little Cowpoke thought this was funny. He would say, Stick UP!! I have never seen a duck with such a poof!!

Of coarse what would feeding the ducks be with out a good chase? It seems like they are used to people chasing them. Little Cowpoke loved this part. Actually he loved it all.

When the bread was all gone, it was nice just to stand next to the nice goose and watch the other ducks swim away. It really was a perfect day. But what would the end of the day be like with out on final chase of the ducks. Run!!! As we were getting into the truck we saw this unlikely pair. They were just walking next to each other for an afternoon stroll. He looks like he might wear the pants in the family. They didn't want their picture taken I had to walk fast and hide behind another car to sneak this one in. Chickens really creep me out. I do not like their feet. Such bony and funny looking feet. Then they have like these nails, oh, I just to not like them.

All in all it was a fantastic day. It was all Little Cowpoke would talk about the rest of yesterday and today. It is a really fun park, so if you pass through here you must stop here and see the alligators, play on the new playground, and feed the ducks. Too much fun.

Just a heads up I am going to show you all some awesome bows I just got. They are not for me they are for my Cowpokete. She has some beautiful bows that we got the other day. But that is a whole different post! You all come back now ya hear!!


Amanda said...

Can't wait to come and play the the park! I'm not sure how much Ella will like the gators, though I'm sure Alex will love them!

Anonymous said...

I giggled with your lil' cowpoke and the ducks! Way cute!

Rick said...

Re: Location of Egg-Man on Sooner Fans... Look behind the back wheele.

Thanks for looking.


Wendy said...

GIRL!!! DO NOT talk to strangers in that town. Why do you think I moved from there? lol
BTW, I think I recognize that guy and yes, he is crazy!