Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally Friday

This week has drug on and on. It has rained everyday for the past week and I am so glad to finally see the sun out today. I have not been doing much of anything lately. We got a phone call last night about Bear. A lady swore she saw him at a trailer park about 10 miles away from my house. I drove over there and only say an old really long haired lab looking dog. It was nice of her to call, but still no bear.
I was also trying to save on gas money this week by not going to town. But I failed at that and I drove to town yesterday to go to a play group. Little Cowpoke was glad to get out of the house. I was glad to have adult conversation. When I first got to play group there were three ladies there and all three are pregnant. I told them that maybe I should be very careful where I sat and what I drank. I sure do not need to be with child again any time soon. We had a fun time.
So, there you have it a very boring non eventful week on my behalf. A couple of weeks ago I did go out and look at a new horse trainer. He was very nice. He grew up rodeoing with Mr. Cowboy, so I knew a bit about this fellow. When we called he was just getting on a horse and told us to come on over. That was nice for a change. When we got there he was very nice and introduced him to me and then got on a colt that he had started. He had 120 days on it then gave it a three week break and the day I went to go watch was the first day back on the colt. He rode around his arena for a bit and then came over and talked a bit. He actually loped the horse around not just walking! I was impressed. Then he got out his finished cutting horse to show me what he can do. I was impressed with this guy. To look at him you would think he was just another cowboy. He wasn't dressed like most show trainers are, but dang that boy can ride. I asked him why he was riding his finished cutting horse in a snaffle bit. He told me that while he is at home training that he only rides in a snaffle bit. That way he can correct his horse and do a lot of bending and flexing. That was a great answer. He was passing my test with flying colors. He tracked a few cows and then did a little cutting. It was so neat to watch.
I was amused at how short his stirrups are. I think he rides with them like that for better leg use? I think my legs would cramp up. He is really tall too, so that might have something to do with it. Being really tall and riding small cutting horses might be difficult for your legs. I really liked him. Mr. Cowboy is thinking of sending Richie to him for some bending work and some time to track cattle. We didn't stay too long before both boys were asking to leave. That is when I get looks like these.I always say that Little Cowpoke has super villain eyebrows. We talked for a bit longer. The new horse trainer said that he had dappled into the western pleasure world for only a little bit, but he truly loves working cows and reining horses. At least he is honest and does not proclaim to be a big time western pleasure trainer. He did add that if you can work a cow with a horse you can do anything with him. I am thinking I might bring Ozzie home and give him some time to fatten up. I will try to ride my horse and get some muscle put on Ozzie and then send him to go and work cattle. That should really de-spook my horse.

Oh, and I almost forgot, today I am going to watch my "trainer" ride Ozzie. I have told myself that if I do not see him do anything more than a walk, then I am going to just tell him to leave Ozzie in a stall and I will pick him up later this evening. I think he told me that I have a week and a half left of my 30 days. This really has to be the longest 30 days ever. I think I would have fared better with Noah on his ark. At least that was a definite 40 and they were out. I will take pictures this time too. Let him "threaten" to take my camera away and bring my horse home, I dare him to. Whahahahahahah, insert evil laugh.


Train Wreck said...

I am glad to hear you are looking at other trainers! That other fella needed his own lesson!
Your little fella does have a watch out look! Too cute!

Twinville said...

This new trainer sounds really great! I loved the video. I look forward to reading about your experiences (and Ozzie, too) working with him.

Question from a Newb: What kind of bit do Cutting horses usually wear?

Cute Lil Cowpoke! You better watch out. He looks like means business!

Mrs Mom said...

Well first, I am so sorry that Bear has not turned up we will keep you and him in our prayers here.

Second- Damn girl about time to get that fantastic little gelding away from the jagoff trainer! this new fellow sounds like he will work well with you and for Ozzie.

Man finding a trainer can be hard as all get out.

hehe-- I L-O-V-E the look from Little Cowpoke. It's nice to know I am not alone in getting That Look! ;)

Kids sure are a total blast arent they? ;)

Danielle Michelle said...

Take the new trainer! Hey, he's kind of cute too. I'm sort of lacking in the love department...tell him a Colorado Cowgirl thinks you need to use him as a trainer 'cause he's cute and I want to see you post more pics of him riding YOUR horse. I'm so serious. I'd totally relocate. LOL

Sorry about Bear. I still have my fingers crossed for you!

Jenn said...

His face is just too cute ! hahaha

Cheryl said...

Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you find bear and yes it has been raining everyday here too! Along with heat and humidity... I'll be anxious to see hear about your next visit to the trainers. Take care.

MeLinda said...

Finally I'm writing on your blog. I read it all the time, but never comment. I love your life. I know, it's too hot, too humid, and we are all here and you are there, but look what all you do! I can't believe the kids are getting so big! AND THAT LOOK! Timmi used to have a look like that, but after a "look off" I won and she stopped! When I see Amanda I'll see if she wouldn't mind teaching me how to start a blog of my own. I found Laura today! Kids start school Monday, I started last Wednesday, radiology. Tell the kids and Mr. Cowpoke we all send our love and even though your there and we're here, your still with us each day.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hey this guy actually does something with the horses he is training?? Wow-what a concept these days. I'm with this guy-most everything gets rode with a snaffle bit. I have gotten better about riding with curb bits though. They frown on you at horse shows when you try to ride a 10y/o in a snaffle-LOL-auto DQ, even if you do ride with one hand-hehe.

LOL-if the other trainer is still at a walk-hehehe....I would hate to be him!