Monday, January 14, 2008

Camping Out

For Christmas the boys got this really great tent from Santa. It is a shark tent. The boys have been begging me to put it up. So, the other night while they were in the tub I thought I would do it, all by myself. It seemed simple enough. It only had two polls that came with it, so, come on how hard can it be? Well I put the first poll in and about .5 seconds after that I was yelling, "Mr. Cowboy, could you please some and help me?" It was challenging for my small blonde mind! He had it up on no time. This tent is awesome.

Here are the two boys standing in front of it. It has fins, a dorsal fin, gills teeth, eye balls, a fish in his mouth, and lots of room. They were really excited about the camp out. Here the shark has eaten Big Cowpoke right up!! Oh dear!! I can sit inside this tent it is so roomy!! Little Cowpoke hid in the back with is Passie and Blanket. We had him broke of the passie until Cowpokette came into our lives. We will take it from him again, sometime.

The next day after the great camp out was Aggie Day at Big Cowpoke's school. We got to watch hogs shown and goats, and some calves too. There was a dog show too. Big Cowpoke wanted to show both our dogs, Bear and Brodi. So we loaded them all up and went to Aggie Day. It was so neat. Little Cowpoke was very impressed with the hogs. He couldn't believe how big they were. It was cute to hear him say, "WOW look how big!!" Big Cowpoke took the dogs in all sorts of categories. We didn't win any ribbons. Oh well, they were superstars to me. I forgot to take pictures. But I did get one on the way home of Big Cowpoke and Brodi.

They were both tuckered out. How sweet Brodi is. And to think he was so jealous when Big Cowpoke was born. And again, thumb sucking. We are trying to stop that too. Now onto dinner. Yum. Two of my favorite things, noodles and cheese. This is my lasagna roll ups. You make lasagna but roll it all up and cook it standing up. Oh it is so yummy. I used a recipe off the back of my ranch dressing bottle. Oh it is so delicious.
Here they all are snuggled together after baking. Oh this is so yummy. I didn't put any meat in it and you were supposed to put spinach. But oh well, it was good non the less. Mr. Cowboy wasn't too sure about it but has been up for seconds. I ate two, not in my diet plan but I will walk it off tonight. But that is all for now. Y'all come back now ya hear.


Amanda said...

Hooray for the shark tent, it looks so cool! And those lasagna roll-ups look yummy. I'll have to get the recipe from you. Next time put in the spinach, they'll be much better for you!

Wendy said...

That is a cute tent!

Those do look good. How can you get away with a meatless meal? Not fair! lol

Laura said...

It was so good to hear from you on my blog! I love this shark tent, and I am totally envying your Honda Odyssey purchase! Do you still love it? We'll definitely be getting a minivan this year (our teeny tiny Kia Rio is bursting at the seams), and the Honda, Toyota, and Kia Sedona are my top three. My former neighbor got the Nissan, and she LOVED it. I should ask her if she's still in love with it or not. Wish us luck!

Oh, and I really liked PBS's Persuasion too. That's my second favorite Jane Austen book, next to P&P (of course). One of the young women thought I was crazy when I told her that, but maybe it's because I was older when I first read it, and not so full of women's lib-ness. :)

Jennifer said...

The lasagna roll ups look great! Can I come over next time you have them? LOL.

That is an awesome tent. My kids are jealous of it.