Friday, January 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged.

I have never been tagged before!! This is my first time. It was sent to me by a really fun girl over at St. Fairstead. I love reading about her farm live!! She has great pictures too. But here it goes. This was pretty fun.

Two names you go by: Andrea or MOM!!!
Two things you are wearing right now: PJ pants and an old T-shirt.
Two of your favorite things to do: Riding my horse and Tickling my kids.
Two things you want very badly: A digital SLR and to loose 30 pounds!!

Two favorite pets you have had/have: Brodi dog and my horse that I had three years ago, Strapper Nick
Two people you think will fill this out: Amanda because she has "nothing" to blog about and Lori over at A Cowboy's Wife.
Two things you ate today: Special K with Strawberries and milk.
Two people you last talked to today: Big Grandma and Little Cowpoke.

Two things you’re doing tomorrow: Going to a Mardi Gras Parade.
Two longest car rides: While growing up my mom would drive us from Ohio to the cost of California every summer and a drive from Louisiana to Northwest Ohio.
Two favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Easter.

Two favorite beverages: Water and Cranberry Apple juice.

There I've done it. Now you all know about me. I know I know I am just too wild and crazy. I do need to calm down some more!! Thanks for having me do this Ang! Y'all come back now ya hear!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun with it. If the weather is as nasty in your state as it is here in Texas, I recommend you stay in your pj's & t-shirt. ;)

Amanda said...

you're right, i have nothing to blog about, but does that mean i have to bare my soul to the world? I'm kidding. We'll just have to see if I can get my rear in gear and actually do it.

Squatly said...

So your new foal is adorable!!!! i want one! And also those roll up pasta thingys look very delish-e-o-so! YUM!