Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Am Back!!

We just got back from our winter wonderland vacation. It was very chilly there. But it was a lot of fun. We all packed up and went west to the mountains to visit family. The cowpokes just loved the snow. On Christmas morning we had a lot of snow. Grandpa had to break out the serious guns for the snow removal.

It's a little blue. Okay a lot blue. I was taking it through a window. Look at that snow!!!Living in the south isn't so bad. Mr. Cowboy and Little Cowpoke are sure having fun. Hey Mr. Cowboy that is not nice!!!Run Little Cowpoke run!! Hey no throwing snowballs at the photographer. What a trouble maker!!Big Cowpoke tried to make a snow fort. The snow was very powdery that day, so, that is as tall as he could build it. Little Cowpoke joined him for some fort fun. They really had a bunch of fun playing in the snow. I guess kids don't get as cold as adults do. It made me cold just thinking about playing in the snow. Well, that was just part of our crazy trip. We were gone for about two weeks and we didn't want to come back. Well, I wanted to come back to the warm weather. It was 75 degrees when we arrived home. Nice!! Well, until next time, Y'all come back now ya hear.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Andrea! I'm shivering just looking at the snow in your pictures

Amanda said...

Hooray! I was going through Hello withdrawal without you to talk to! Glad you made it back safe, and honestly, I'm not too sad that I missed out on the snow.

Karen said...

Looks like the kids sure enjoyed the trip. Even the biggest one. Glad you're back!