Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pig Show

I have never been to a pig show before. I have a friend who's son shows three pigs. I was so excited to go and see them. I got there late, of coarse, so I missed the three shows, but I was on time for the showmanship portion of the competition. It was really neat. People shave their pigs and get them all greased up and then walk them around the arena. It is really cool. My friend's son got one first, one second, and one third place. He did really well!! I learned a lot about pigs. One even peed on me, gross!!!
Here is the "showman" with his male pig. I forget his name. He also had two females named Evangeline and Dumbo. Here he is trying to get comfy!! I can't get over how big they are!!Finally he got comfy. He just stretched out and went to sleep. After some time, Little Cowpoke got brave enough to go and pet the pig. He was really greasy and his hair was shaved, so he felt really spiky. In this photo he is sitting like a dog. It's really cute!!"Does someone want to feed me?" I just think he is really cute. Look at those sweet eyes. I even rubbed his snout. I think I am in love!! I want a pig!! I can't wait for my kids to show pigs! I am so excited. My next photos are not very good. I have no idea what was up with my camera? So they are out of focus. But it shows how the pigs are shown.
You walk around with a little whip and make them turn and do all sorts of things. The girl in the pink won the class. Here he is going in front of the judge. Showmanship is hard. You have to have a calm pig that will walk slow and listen to you. All in all, my friend had a great show day. He did a fantastic job!!


Amanda said...

Oink, oink. Looks like smelly fun! Especially getting peed on. Too bad I couldn't be there!

Rick said...

Nothing like a pig show. Americana at its best.

Flea said...

Oh! What ... pretty pigs! My kids would love that.

How deep south are you? I grew up south of New Orleans, in Plaquemines parish, Buras. Still visit family in Rapides parish regularly. Love Rapides.

Karen said...

Raising and showing pigs is like nothing else I can describe. Totally fun, what an experience. Your kids will LOVE it.

And watching them show is every bit as fun.