Sunday, January 20, 2008

Little Cowpoke

There is something special about a middle child. I am not one, but I have been around them a lot. Little Cowpoke is a middle child. He is a good sport about being the middle child. He is full of life and joy. It doesn't take much to please him. He loves the attention that is given to him. Little Cowpoke is also very artistic. He thinks "outside the box". Always coming up with new ways to play games or ways to beat up his older brother. I knew I was in trouble when he was just 2 years old and he stood up on a chair to get at his brother's height to punch him better. All in all he is a real joy to have a round. I love his laugh. I love how he talks, or mumbles. I love how he has a sweet soft spot for his little sister. There defiantly something special about the middle child.
He is always good for a laugh. I can count on him to bring joy to any situation. He shares too!! He always lets his siblings go first. Always thinking of others. He also has a love of trucks. Trucks that can pull, trucks that can go off roading. Old trucks and new trucks. He really loves lunch trucks. Here he is showing his artistic side. (my sister took this photo at lunch one day.)Is there any other way to eat a hot dog?Little Cowpoke is also very adventurous. He is not afraid of anything. He loves to live free and go fast. I just love this kid. He cracks me up. I love his adventurous spirit. I just love my middle child.


Anonymous said...

Could you send that lil' truck on over to the fields for lunch? I would be happy as a lark to receive cut up weenies while working.

Wendy said...

I can vouch for that one. This little cowpoke it absolutely adorable!!! And yes, very funny too.

Karen said...

Yeah for middle kids! I'm one and my husband is one, too. I have a soft spot for them, and it's great that you're celebrating this special little boy and not allowing him to get lost in the middle somewhere.

Jennifer said...

Im the baby, so I can't say much about middle kids, LOL.

Yours is such a cutie! He looks like he is tons of fun!

And what an awesome way to eat hotdogs. If my kids saw that, I wouldn't hear the end of it, LOL.


Lori said...

TOO CUTE!! Love the "food" truck:)

Flea said...

Initially I didn't think those were hot dogs, and I was wondering who was going to clean out the truck. :)

LOVE that last photo!