Friday, January 11, 2008

First Timer

While we were out west in the mountains we had to go skiing. Mr. Cowboy does not ski. He snowboards. I have tried that and I am not good at it at all. I spent the whole day on my rear end and on my knees. I ended up wet, cold, and bruised. So, I went back to skiing. Much better. But Mr. Cowboy is crazy so he feels the need to snowboard. This year Big Cowpoke was old enough to come with us. He was so excited. We got up semi early and headed up to the slopes. Here is Big Cowpoke with his skis. Look how tiny they are. It was sooo cute. It was a beautiful day up there. The temperature was a whopping 6 degrees. Crazy!! It was really cold. Mr. Cowboy and my brother in law head up to some black diamond trails and Big Cowpoke and I hit up the bunny slope. It was fun and a challenge. The majority of the first three times down were spent like this........ He is smiling here but the most of the time he was saying, "I can't do it!! Wuahhhhh!" But he got up and tried again. He was such a trooper. He really did get great at falling. At one point he said, "This is how I stop!" and he would hit the ground. I tried to explain that there was a much less painful and cold way of doing it!! So, as the day went on this is what happened. He mastered the pizza position. He finally realized that this is the best way for him to stop. He actually was going really fast his last two runs. Big Cowpoke got brave and mastered the french fry position. This he figured out made him go really fast and he loved that. Then he would "pizza" and slow down. He even got good at turning. Awhhh, it was so rewarding to see him learn and then really love it. He was so sad when the lifts closed. Here are my brother in law (in the yellow) and Mr. Cowboy in the blue. Don't they look warm? I tried to get some pictures of them snowboarding but my camera battery froze. That is how crazy cold it was. When we left the car thermometer said it was 2 degrees!! Yikes. I can't believe we were out in that. This is Mr. Cowboy last year. He rode on a rip tie thingy. It started way up the mountain. It was to let you know what the Olympic skiers felt like, or something like that. He is a dare devil. You can see where he started from. Oh it makes me nervous. Well, anyway I was happy to get back home and warm up. Cowpokette was happy to see her dad. She is such a Daddy's girl. She has some crazy hair!! I love it. So wild and free!! But that was part of our snow fun. I actually wanted to go back the next day and ski again, but we couldn't. Next year we will go some more!! I am so excited to go back. Until next time, y'all come back now ya here.

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Amanda said...

Hooray for the pizza skiers! That's me all the way! Maybe next year we can go with you. We better be there by then. Ugh.