Monday, January 28, 2008

A Close Shave

From a past incident from Little Cowpoke. I have decided to give him a shaving kit. This kit has a rubber razor and cherry shaving cream. I bet you didn't know that a 2 year old needed to shave!
He was so proud of himself for putting on his shaving cream. So serious. He had to concentrate really hard. Little Cowpoke had to make sure he got all the hairs off. Can't be all scratchy when rubbing up against his blanket. Don't forget the upper lip!!One last spot!! And I think he has got it all. I really have never seen him so serious. He was in deep thought. This kid thinks he is 21. After he gets out of the shower he has to has deodorant on and he loves to smell good. He prefers Cool Water cologne. Then he likes to have his hair spiked with gel. I think I am in trouble. He is high maintenance at 2!!


Amanda said...

Love it! So cute! You should print those out and frame them to put in the bathroom. I hope ALex never has an incident that will require me to buy this for him. Yikes!

Wendy said...

OMGosh!! He is so cute.

Karen said...

I had no idea they made plastic razors. That is the cutest thing EVER.