Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Cowpokette

I can hardly believe it has been a year already. Time sure flies. Last night we had some family over for a small birthday party for Cowpokette. I worked hard all day on her cake. I have come to the conclusion that I am not nearly picky enough to ever do cake decorating. I just do not have the patience. First I tried the whole fondant thing. Yeah, that was interesting. Let me tell ya, this was the good side of the cake. I tried calling my sister for help but she was no where to be found. I did figure out that I put way too much butter cream frosting under the fondant. It was all oozing out of the bottom of the fondant. I was licking my fingers like crazy. I put polka dots all over the cake. See that really bad brown one right on top there? That was the last one I put on and let me tell ya, I was finished. This was definitely not my forte. My sister always told me that every cake has an ugly side. Well, this side would have to be it. I couldn't smooth that side to save my life. Good thing for my fondant balls, they saved the day. This was my favorite part of the cake. The only polka dots that looked decent. It was really a lot of work. I think I would have rather been outside oiling my saddle. I was so glad when it was all finished. Few, it was done and out of the way. I can just hear my sister chuckling while she is reading this!! :)There is my masterpiece, complete with number. While I was constructing this disaster, Cowpokette was extremely fussy. I tried to feed her some lunch and she did not want anything to do with it. She was just not having it. She wanted my attention and I just was too busy with her birthday cake. So, I let her help me a bit. It couldn't have gotten any worse. It was not much longer when it was time for the party. Dinner was all ready and my Cowpokes were starving. The party was supposed to start at 6:30 pm. The family did not get there until 7 pm. I let Cowpokette eat while we waited for every one else. We fixed "Ugly Chicken", her favorite dinner. She loves it. It truly must fit its name because when the cousins got there they said, "Yuck, that looks gross, I don't want to eat it." But they did and they loved it. Then it was present time. She first got "sugars", aka kisses, from Paw Paw and Nonny. She loves to get kisses. She really loved all her presents. She was so excited and so very expressive with every one. Her favorite was by far the stuffed bear. She almost attacked the poor stuffed animal. Then it was time for the birthday song and cake. She really loved to be sung to. She just stared at everyone and smiled. Then she "blew" out her candle. Well, it some how blew out from a strange side wind that was blowing. She didn't seem to mind. She was still smiling from all the singing. Then it was time to eat some cake. Good thing that the cake tasted way better than it looked. That is one thing I can do. I can read a recipe and cook. Even the Cajun eaters said that my cooking has improved since I moved there. I love the one where she is lifting up her shirt like she is saying, "Get in my belly!"All in all she did not get too dirty. She had a really fun birthday. She had so much fun last night she didn't get up this morning until 10:15. I still can't believe she is 1 already. Time sure flies.


Palomino Girl said...

She is adorable, even covered in cake! I happen to think her favorite gift was the nike receipt! I love how she is holding it up like it is the most amazing thing that has come out of that box!

Melanie said...

First birthdays are my favorite! Your little cowpokette is too precious!

Are you really only 25 minutes from the coast??? I will be thinking about you, and hoping that things calm down over there.

I am glad that you got to ride-and see!-Ozzie. I just don't know about that trainer....
Ozzie looks like he is a nice, quiet boy. he should make a great horse with some consistent riding.

Thanks for your encouragement with my son's palate expander thingy!

The Wades said...

Happy Birthday, cute sweet girl! You have some great shots of her in there.

I think you cake looks fantastic. I wouldn't even attempt such things.

When you said she was fussy, I was worried you were going to say she then threw up like your son did. Thank God vomit didn't ruin the day.

Callie said...

Aaawww! Happy Birthday to your little darlin' ! And the cake you made is adorable! I say good job!

Wendy said...

She's such a doll. I love that piggy bank. I want one too.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Awwww, she is beautiful. Looks like she enjoyed her birthday party and that wonderful cake looks delicious. Happy Birthday Cowpokette!!!

Jenn said...

Well that looks a whole lot better then if I had tried to make it! I think it looks great and she looks so cute getting her presents!

Carolina girl said...

I love the cake! It is beautiful, and even more special that you made it for her. It is too cute! But not as cute as cowpokette, especially with icing all over her face! =)

gwen said...

Cute cake! Cuter baby! What in the world is "ugly chicken"? Sounds interesting! Good luck with Gustav. We're all packed but really don't want to leave!

Karen said...

One! Already?! Happy Birthday little girl. :)

And that cake is AWESOME.

kdwhorses said...

Happy Birthday~ She is a cutie!

Great job on the cake! I have never done the fondant thing, will have to try!

Ugly chicken~now I'm curious!

Tj and Mark said...

Such a cute girl and such a cute cake! Blessings to all of you.

Train Wreck said...

Your little cowpokette is so pretty! She looks like a doll! Beautiful blue eyes!! Does she get them fform you or Daddy?
Also your cake is great, you did a great job! Especially considering the weather out side! Way to hold it together!

Twinville said...

I love that sad photo of her fussing. Her eyes looks so blue and lips so pouty. I'd be pouty an fussy, too, if I knew you were making my birthday cake and expected me to eat lunch instead! hehe

Your cake looks great! I've never done one with fondant...nor have ever tried fondant! Where have I been? What does fondant taste like and why do you need frosting under the fondant? Isn't it frosting?
So many questions! sorry :P

I love that photo of her holding her shirt up, too. She's so precious!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Harmony said...

Happy (late) Birthday Cowpokette!

You know this is coming: I LOVE HER HAIR! Look at you, you hair monster! She looks soooooo cute!

Kudos for trying that fondant thing too. After reading your sister's blog and watching "Ace of Cakes" I thought I was ready for it too. There is no Photoshop in the world that could correct that hot mess. Yours was really cute though--love poka dots! Amanda, start a "cake decorating friday" tutorial or something!

(P.S. My husband was reading my blog list the other day and seriously said "Why did that woman name her boy Cowpoke?" And then I peed my pants laughing. Thought you should know)

(PPS Man, I am wordy today)