Thursday, August 14, 2008

One's Away the Others Will Play

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for going out and having fun while Big Cowpoke is at school. Big Cowpoke will ask us, "What did you do today? Why do you go with out me?" I then promise him I will take him on the weekend and we never go because we are so busy doing other things. Little Cowpoke and I go on many adventures. Yesterday we were bored so we went to see my friend Britta. Yes, her name is like the water filter. She says she was named after a Swedish model. She is a really fun girl. Britta just adopted this horse. He is a four year old Holsteiner gelding. He had a slight bowed tendon on the front left. We both think it is due to the horse being jumped too high at such a young age. This boy just looks like a baby still. He stands about 17 hands at four years old. His legs are never ending. He was at Silver Creek Farms. They have a video of him jumping before he bowed the tendon. Britta was so excited. She adopted him for free and then just paid the shipping to get him down to Louisiana. She is going to do all the needed rehab for his leg and then start some light riding. Britta is hoping to ride him in about 6 weeks. She is all of 5 foot 2 inches and maybe 100 pounds. I was so excited for her. Then the Cowpokes and I went to see the new barn that some friends of mine are building. Here we are driving by the new barn. This is the covered arena. Not too shabby. I pulled in the driveway and it curved around and around and around. Very nice. Here is the main barn. I think they said that there will be 80 stalls total. They ride some really nice hunter/jumpers. They have hired two trainers to work for them and I think they have about 20 horses of their own. This is the back side of the second barn. Both barns look the same. I think one barn will be the show barn and the other barn will be the lesson barn. Here is a side view. The workers have just started with the roof. The owners are hoping to be in the barn by October. I bet they can't wait. These are just a few of their turn out paddocks. They have built cypress run in sheds. I love the black fences. I really want a black fence built next to our house. I love the black look on the green grass. It reminds me of Kentucky. The entire time I was driving around the barn Little Cowpoke said, "Why are we here? Why are you taking pictures? Can we leave?" Kids ask so many questions. So, for Little Cowpoke being such a good sport about hanging out at the barns with me, I took him to a little water park. There were not very many kids there. Little Cowpoke loved the cannons. He was a bit shy at first but then he jumped right in and got all wet. We even had the ice cream truck stop by. We flagged down the ice cream truck/creepy van, and got us some really expensive treats. This huge Popsicle was 3 dollars. Gas sure has made everything more expensive. Little Cowpoke ate it right up and then rinsed off in the water. Cowpokette and I shared a lemon chiller. No she does not have rabies, she is just showing everyone her lemon chiller. I was so excited about Cowpokette's hair. I have been trying some new things with her long baby hair. She is such a good sport and lets me play with her hair. At least for now. She has so much hair and it always gets into her eyes. I grabbed a handful of hair and twisted and twisted it and then put a pony tail holder in it. I have put hair bows in her hair since she was tiny, but now she grabs them out and uses the bows for teether toys. This way she can't rip out her hair do. Girls are so much fun, for now. Everyone can remind me of how fun they are when she is 12 and then again when she is 16. I might not be saying "fun" then.


kdwhorses said...

Yeah for your friend's new horse! I wish her and him the best! He is nice looking!

WOW~is all I can say about that barn! THere barn is nicer than my house! LOL!

Yeah water! Looks like you all had fun! Yikes~haven't seen a ice cream truck in years! That is one huge popsicle! Little cowpoke is a cutie! Just wait till she starts doing her own hair! Savannah likes to do her own, let me say we have some creative hairdos!

Laura said...

Hormones or not, I still say girls are more fun than boys. Less creepier and they smell way better too. Especially teenage boys. I have a feeling mine will start cologne and deoderant at an early age!

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Looks like you guys had a blast there. That icey treat is almost as big as Little Cowpoke!

Big Cowpoke will get revenge on you Mom ;)

When Cowpokette is 12 and then 16, I will sit here and be thankful even more that I have 3 ;)

The Wades said...

I can see why your older son with be jealous of a day like that! Man! Way cool having the water park almost to yourselves.

Funny story--my friend used to tell her children that the ice cream truck was "the music truck." I guess that would be a good way not to have to buy $3 popsicles.

The Wades said...

Triple wow to the barns!!! Oh my goodness!