Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just Plain Mad

So, Ozzie, my three year old gelding that I put in training on the 16th of July still has not moved to my friend's barn. He was going to move him of Friday, but the "trainer" smashed his hand. Then he promised to move Ozzie on Monday and he had horse trailer issues. I was only a bit mad. Then I got a call today about three minutes before I was going to leave and it was my friend. She told me that the "trainer" was "trying" to call me all day long and couldn't get a hold of me so I needed to call him. I called him and got his voice mail. He called me back and told me how he wasn't bringing my horse to my friend's barn because his horse trailer didn't get dropped off at his house this morning and when he went to go and pick it up it was still hooked to his friend's truck. His friend was in at work and couldn't get back to his truck until 7pm. Thus, my horse was not going to be moved.

I told him I would gladly go and pick my horse up and take him to my friend's barn. He flipped out saying that the man who's place my horse is at doesn't like people coming over. Let me clue you all in on something, the man that doesn't like people to come over is a Preacher at a local church. Yeah, I am sure he doesn't like visitors. He went on and on about how he was so sorry. I am not buying it. I told him I could come and get my horse. He then tells me that he is almost to the barn he was supposed to bring my horse to. He was going to ride someone else's horse and he was running late. Let me tell you my face was red. I then said, "I can come and get him I am sure the Preacher would not mind at all if I go over there and pick up my own horse." The trainer then promised that he would have the horse there in the morning and would meet me there so I could ride him. He promised me. But that thing is he promised me that last Friday too.

I am so sick and tired of every time I ask to go see my horse there is a magical rain cloud above his house and he can't ride. There are trailer issues, broken hands, more rain, more excuses. The entire time he has had my horse I have seen him twice. I am so mad I could cry. He has no idea how excited I am from the time I wake up in the morning until the time comes for me to go and ride. I get so excited to go and ride. It is my escape.

I told my trainer that if my horse was not at that barn tomorrow morning he was going to see ugly become unglued. And then my husband and my father in law said they didn't have anything planned tomorrow and they would love to go and meet that nice Preacher man. So, finally tomorrow if nothing happens and my horse is not there, oh boy I will feel bad for the so called "horse trainer".

And because I can not have a post with out a picture. This is my back up. They are ready to unleash a can of whoop a%* on anyone who make's their mamma mad. I love you boys.


Harmony said...

Thanks for all the picture compliments! I've missed reading your blog and all your fabulous horse pictures (my mom would be sooo jealous!)

You asked about Kate's hair. It's so easy but since I'm TERRIBLE at explaining things, here's a tutorial I found on a random site. Let me know if you have any questions about it (so I can confuse you more)


(she does one know, but I just parted her hair into three sections and did three knots!)

Harmony said...

I meant "she does one KNOT"--see, I'm such a dork.

Mrs. Mom said...

Girl, I said it before, and I will say it again --- Go. Get. That. Horse.

Bring ANY and EVERY piece of proof of ownership with you. Bring your training contract. Bring your cell phone, and be ready to use it to call the local Law enforcement IF NEED BE.

But- Go. Get. That. Horse.


Prepare for the worst, and pray for the best. Have Dear Cowboy Husband, and Dear Father In Law with you, and just be ready for darn near anything.

This jagoff so-called "trainer" has jerked you around for far too long here IMO. Time for Coyboy to whooparse there.

BTW-- love your back up crew! ;)

Laura said...

I agree with Mrs Mom. Go. Get. That. Horse.

Whoop up on whomever gets in your way. And then, if you happen to mention names to your friends looking for a trainer, oops. You didn't mean to keep business away from the dude.

I say unleash the fury!!

kdwhorses said...

I agree with everyone~Go GET HIM NOW! Just like Mrs. Mom said go prepared! What a jerk off, he defintely needs to find another field!

LOVE the backup crew!

KD said...

Me too ! It's your horse - take your posse and go get 'im.

Beth said...

Oh my... good luck. Get that horse away from that "man."

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'd love to know what he is hiding. When I was trying to get my first horse in for training, the trainer kept putting me off. Every week she called with some excuse and postponed. I remember feeling extremely frustrated, so I can relate.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Andrea, I am in complete agreement with everyone else.
You NEED to go over there and pick up your horse...NOW.

All of my alarm bells are going off. I hope Ozzie is still there and I hope that the worst is that this guy hasn't been riding him.

Danielle Michelle said...

Man! What an ordeal! You'll have to update us on what happens!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Don't mess with Mama! Good job boys :)

Something feels fishy about this whole scenario.

I know Ozzie is not a human child, but he's yours. If someone told you that you weren't allowed to see your own child, for whatever reason, would you put up with that??


Go see Ozzie!! Hurry!