Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Black Cowboy Hat

Okay, I said that I would find some more black cowboy hat pictures and I did. I really only met my husband because of that very hat that is on his head. I had seen a picture of him with it on and that was it, I was hooked. I had to meet the man under the hat. So, I did!! But you have to admitt, that black hat does do wonders!! You could take an ordinary guy and put a black cowboy hat, a nice one not like a wal mart bought on, and put it on his head and poof, sexy!!! I just love it. So here he is, Mr. Cowboy doing what he does best, holding me. I absolutly love that hat!!!

See now if you want to add more to the apeal, just add a paint stallion, and WOW. Hold me back!! This is Red, the paint stallion, who knows he is a stud!! But just hold your horses ladies the only one being studded out in this photo is the horse. Sorry the one in the black hat is mine!!
See what wonders the black hat does for him too!! Hold back mares, I know you all love it, but it's not breeding season!!! (Red looks like he is having so much fun!!)

I think he was bored with it all. But WOW, coming from the Dental field, those are some huge teeth!!! Man I can not believe it!! I would not want a tooth ache from one of those babies!!

Now have you all seen the wonder of a black cowboy hat? Now everyone rush out and buy one. But take note, it's all about good beaver fur. You want the hat to ping when you pluck it on the brim. And the higher the X the better the hat. Just a little hat 101 for ya. Oh and the black hat is for winter wearing, even though I love Mr. Cowboy to wear his all year round. A good straw hat is nice for the summer. But enough about cowboy hats, I could go on forever. Just go and get one, you won't regret it!! Love a good black cowboy hat.


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Welcome to the wacky wonderful world of blogging. Your off to a great start. Love the black hat pictures, even on the horse, lol. Great photos of your fam too.

Have a great day!

Smanda said...

haha totally agree black cowboy hats make the guy sexy! i had a crush on a guy in high school who always wore one.. oh yummy!!! thanks for the fun read!

~Steph said...

your blog is very cute - I'll be back again soon to see what's goin' on in your neck of the woods!

Rick said...

Found your blog via Dawn's web site. Is that the bull rider? Nice photos - happy looking horse. Thanks for the compliment in her comment section.


Tiffany Frieze said...

The blog is awesome Andrea! Love how you did the storyline, and those pictures are just priceless!! Gotta love cowboys and their hats and wranglers! Great job on the blog!