Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sinful Delights

I am in love. With cowboys, horses, my children, and Blue Bell Ice Cream!!! Oh it's sweetness. The many flavors of the sinfully delicious desert. I could eat about three bowls a day. But not wanting too large of hips I try to restrain myself, to just one, maybe two bowls. I am now in a Birthday Cake mood. It is chocolate brownie, with chocolate fudge swirls, and sprinkles, all mixed with a delicious vanilla ice cream. Oh it is wonderful!! I do not know of a better ice cream.

Just look at the textures. The chocolate fudge swirls!! Oh it is Divine. Now Mr. Cowboy loves the cookie dough ice cream which is good, but I love this one.

You can see the colored sprinkles. Now, you can not taste the sprinkles. I believe they are there for decoration. They add to the small celebration I put on while sitting on the couch watching Oprah and eating my Birthday Cake ice cream!!

Oh, such divinity. If you do not live where Blue Bell Ice Cream is sold, I am so sorry you are missing out on the fun. It is quite wonderful. I do believe it is better than Ben and Jerry's. I know I know that was sinful to say, but I had to say it. But if you do live in the south, then go out and buy you a gallon. You won't regret it at all. Yummy all the way. Then grab a blanket and get comfy on the couch and turn on some Oprah!! You will be able to drift away into paradise. Well, at least for a little while, or until a hot wheels car hits you in they head. (How do 2 year olds have such great aim?)

Tomorrow I am going to catch up on some scrapping and post some pictures of Mr. Cowboy showing off his muscles!! Until then. Y'all come back.


~Steph said...

thanks for moseying over to my blog & commenting on my recent LO. I love Blue Bell too - just hate the calories! Your pics gave me a craving I can hopefully overcome!! (have you had the Great Divide BARS??? you MUST try them) I'm sure you'll see more comments from me on here - I like your style & sense of humor! :)

Amanda said...

Blue Bell obsessions are perfectly healthy, or so I tell myself. Though did it ever occur to you that maybe the chocolate chunks in the Birthday Cake ice cream might be cake? Just a thought. :o)

Wendy said...

That's my favorite ice cream of all time. I haven't had it in forever and you go and show me a picture of it!! You are so cruel. You know I can't eat that stuff anymore!