Sunday, October 7, 2007

How did I end up Here?

I have finally done it! Here is my blog. If you like proper grammer, correct spelling, and the great indoors than you may want to back out now!! This may get a bit dangerous! I will just let everyone know that I am the world's worst speller, my grammer is not always the best (though it is better than my husband's), and we are always outside!! So, with that said let's get down to who, what, where, when and my goodness WHY!!

First off, I live in deep south Louisiana. I am not a "southern" girl by birth, heavens no!! I was raised in the big city. I grew up on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. Love, love, loved it. Then something happened. Cowboys, uhmmmm *sigh*. Lets just take a moment and ponder about I love their hats, their boots, their jeans..........*sigh*. Well, I met this one cowboy, who ever since I saw him in his black mysterious cowboy hat, hooked me. He is the love of my life. And he is mine. Here he is, not looking very cowboy like, but I will post some later that are real cowboy like!! But I was living the big city life until him. Until his southern gentleman personality tore me from my roots and into the swamp. Yep, y'all, we live in a swamp. Hot, humid, sticky, and best of all killer mosquitos. I think at times they could pick you up and fly you away!! All of this happend because of a black cowboy hat. Well, here he is. This is my "Mr. Cowboy". He is doing what cowboys do best, standing in front of a BBQ pit. This is the "I am sick of the camera" look. You will see this look a lot.
Here is heart breaker number one. This is his normal dress. What would life be without a white wife beater shirt, extra large belt buckle, and wranglers. This big cowpoke is a complete mess. Loves to rope, ride horses, and scream, yell, and run around like a crazy monkey. Yep he is perfect.
Now onto heart breaker number two. And yes we do have dentists in the south. These are his "Bubba Teeth". This little cowpoke loves to make me laugh. He love music, cows, horses, trucks, dogs, and everything his big brother does. Even if his big brother tells him to touch a hot wired fence. Sure, heck, why not, big brother said it was okay, why not!!
Now here are Mr. Cowboy and little cowpoke posing at a rodeo. They both love it. We are there about everyother weekend. So be prepaired for lots of live stock!!
Now here they are all together!! Why is Mr. Cowboy the only happy one? I promise to find a more "cowboy" like picture. To show you all how handsome he is in that black cowboy hat!!!

See what an effect the back hat can have on you? So mysterious and so handsome. It even turns the most crazy cowpoke into a cool dude cowpoke.

Now here are some dashing hounds. Farm dogs. The little one is named Cowboy. He is now passed away. He was old and had no teeth from chasing horses. The larger on is our puppy. He is just one year old and is named Bear. He is our guard dog. The Fed-Ex man meets me at the door with a broom because he is scared of Bear. Good Dog!!

Now about this dog. He is not a country dog. He is my city dog that was transplanted here just like I was. Can you tell he likes the more plush things in life? No, he is not dead he is just napping on the cowpoke's bean bag. His name is Brodi. He is a very sheepish dog. He likes the indoors, short walks on the beach, cool water, and tummy scratches. His favorite past time is naping in the recliner chair with Mr. Cowboy.

Here is our lastes addition to the cowpokes. She is a cowpokete!! She is a doll. All I know about her is that she likes to take long naps and drink warm milk, and she can really shout!! She loves to be outside. Yes, my newborn goes outside. She stops crying when she is outside in her bouncy seat. She loves it. Now the photo you all have been waiting for..........

Here I am. I am outside in my pjs, in November, taking pictures of my cowpokes for Christmas cards. I sat down for a break and Big Cowpoke took my picture. So, here I am. Fresh out of bed. I can do that being that I live on a dead end dirt road. Not too many visitors. There are plusses to living out here.

So, this is it. This is us. Well, kinda. I promise more handsome black cowboy hat photos, and I will learn how to put a video on here so you all, sorry, y'all, can see some real cowboy ridin'. Mr. Cowboy rides ruff stock. And man is it ruff. He is good, but it looks ruff. Thanks and hope to see y'all soon. Y'all come back now ya hear!!

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Amanda said...

Hooray! Glad you finally made it into the blogging world. Can't wait to see the cowboy hats!