Monday, October 15, 2007

On a Steel Horse I Ride

"Cause Ima cowboy and on a steel horse I ride........." anyone else singing? Now I know I have been talking about the whole "black cowboy hat" theory. Well there is a "black Helmet" theory too. If you are the biker type. Now Mr. Cowboy loves to ride horses, if they are of the ruff stock types. The bigger the buck the better (pictures of this coming soon). But there is just somthing about a "steel" horse that he just can not get enough of. I prefer the four legged horses, but he likes the horse power.
Here is Mr. Cowboy putting on his head protecton. I would like a chest pad, knee pads, and legs pads. The whole bike thing makes me nervous. But he loves it. I rode onece with him for a two hour trip and I was numb from the waist down. Then it was August here and that is just too hot to be on a bike in the sun on the interstate. Plus we were not riding this plush bike like the one pictured below. We were on a soft tale and I only had a tiny back rest. I am not that tiny!! It must just be a guy thing.

Now here is the bike. This is his dad's bike. I call it an old man's bike. He used to ride his mom's 100 anniversary soft tale, but they sold it after Hurricane Rita tore up the bike shed and rained all over the bike and it got rusty. So now he rides his dad's bike. It's a bike non the less. Quite the stud!!! If you are interested in the whole hurricane thing, you can see our used to be trialer in the background. It was picked up and slammed on the ground, crushing the front porch. But that is a whole nother story. Now back to the Harley. Here he is on the move. And that is not me!! That is my best friend Kinky. She is my longest bestest friend ever. She and I met in college. We rode horses together. We were pregnant together, we do everything together. Except ride this bike. I let her ride, I drove the car with the cowpokes. I just don't think I like all that open space. Exspecially between me and semi trucks. So, we let her have the fun. I love it when Kinky comes to visit. We have so much fun. To all you bikers, happy riding, and for all you non bikers, watch out for them. They are sneaky sneaky on the roads. Sometimes they are hard to see. So look twice safe a life. Do I sound like a bumper sticker?


Tammy said...

You and me have the same idea about the steet horses. Nope, nada!!!

Purple Frog said...

I've missed being on the back of a bike!! But I can understand why you don't like it! It can be scary, especially when the driver is going FAST! Have a great week!!
Purple Frog

Amanda said...

No motorcycles for me or my hubby!