Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Rodeo Time

The Rodeo. It's dirty, dusty, hot, but oh so much fun. We all pack the horse trailer the night before and then hook it up to the truck. Then early the next morning we head out to the barn and feed horses. While the horses eat we head back to the house and feed ourselves and pack our lunches. It is going to be a long day. With the coolers packed and lunches made we head back to the truck and load it up with food and kids. Then we load the horses. Every rodeo we take three horses with us. Kenny, the pony, Pearl, the big old mare, and Fancy, the palomino. Sometimes Fancy is switched with Lady. Lady is Mr. Cowboy's usual mount, but she was sick this week. She has a bad cough. So, then by 10am we are off. We all head out to the High Hope Rodeo. It is a really neat rodeo company. It's all family run and we all volunteer to help out and everyone wins a belt buckle at the end of the year. But the One who has the most points wins a saddle. We are not yet to the saddle winnings, yet. We will get there, soon. The day starts out with roping. Big Cowpokes favorite event. He loves to rope. But I never get pictures of him roping. I will next time. This is Big Cowpoke riding Pearl. It is so amazing to me. She is a really big mare. 16 hands tall. If any of you know how tall that is. She just lets that little boy ride her all over the place. Good girl!! At the beginning of the year Big Cowpoke was so scared to ride he had to have Mr. Cowboy walk around the pattern holding his horse. But now look at them. Riding like the wind. It makes me so proud of his progress.
Just look how happy they are together. He now begs to ride her. They are a good team. She only goes as fast as he asks her to go. They trust each other. A horse like this is hard to find and will never leave our house. She may not be the world's most beautiful thoroughbred, but she sure is good to my cowpokes.

This even is the most fun. It is called Flags. You have two barrels at the end of the arena with buckets on top of them. You ride your horse as fast as you can and drop a "flag" (a small piece of pvc pipe) in one bucket and run to the next barrel. There you grab another "flag" and run as fast as you can home (back to the in gate). This is a timed event. A good time is done in 9 seconds. Mr. Cowboy can do it on Kenny, the pony, in 10 seconds. Wow, that is fast. Big Cowpoke here on Pearl does it in about 25 seconds. They are doing great!!!

Here is Little Cowpoke having his go at the clover leaf barrels. He needs help from Mr. Cowboy. Little Cowpoke's hands cannot reach the reins. If you look close you can see the fashionable belt around Little Cowpoke's waist. That is his "Wienk" a.k.a Blanket". When it is time for the barrels it is also time for Little Cowpokes to take a nap. He insisted on having it with him. Mr. Cowboy tied it there so it wouldn't fall. Little Cowpoke loves to go fast!!!

Speaking of fast!! Go Mr. Cowboy Go!!! This is the horse Fancy. She was out there for the first time ever. She was Mr. Cowboy's back up ride because Lady was sick. Fancy gave it her all. They really did well. Mr. Cowboy likes to go fast!!! The need for speed.

Now this is a serious horse. He goes fast. His rider is The Pink Lady. That is saddle winning material. They are an awesome team. This is where we hope to have Lady, the horse, running next year. It should be a good competition.

Now for some scrapbooking. We are doing an altered/collage challenge over at Oscraps. I am not really good at anything altered. So I went for the collage route. It was a hard page for me. I normally like lots of pictures on a page, but not this one. It is not one of my most favorite pages. But it works. So here it is.

You can find the credits and leave some love, if you like, Here!! I am still semi new in the digi scrap world. I have only been doing it for about six months now. One thing it has done is made me totally obsessed with taking pictures. I love it. I really want a new camera!! I Nikon!! Maybe for Christmas or my birthday!! Or maybe just in my dreams!!


Monique said...

Oooh I love how that layout turned out, you did a great job on the challenge! Have a great day!

Amanda said...

Love the rodeo pictures! And I think the LO is great.

Anonymous said...

Lady, the horse has a gorgeous long stride. She'll go far...