Friday, October 19, 2007

Picking Up Hay

When you have horses and cows there is just one thing that you have to have, hay. Now, if you don't own 2500 acres to make your own then you can cut it and bale it yourself. But if you live on a small farm then you have to go out and pick it up yourself, somewhere else. Now in Louisiana the grass grows really fast. So, here we can get about three cuttings. This is the third cutting that we are getting. We get a call from they people who cut and bale it, and we get the truck and trailer ready and go. This time around we only pick up 100 bales. That is a small amount. But hopefully we won't need any more. We have more stashed in our barn. The first thing we do is find a driver!!!
This is our Driver. He is 11 years old. He tried to help toss the hay but his muscles weren't ready to toss the hay up on the trailer. The bale hit the wheel well and almost knocked him over, so we made him the driver. He said, Wow look at all these buttons!!! That made me nervous!! But he did well, it's just a straight line!!!These are the Cowpokes. They are too little to help out with tossing or driving so they sit in the bed of the truck!! They love it. Big Cowpoke just yelled the entire time, I want to help, let me help. He has a big heart. We love him.
On the other hand Little Cowpoke does not mind riding in the back at all. He loves his Gatorade. It did end up all over the tool box, but boys will be boys. Little Cowpoke is just too darn cute!!
Then when Big Cowpoke isn't looking he sneaks some of his drink. Maybe no one will notice. Where is Big Cowpoke?

Now this is what we are up against. It looks a bit intimidating, but I think it is way fun. Paw Paw will go in front of us and make a double stack so we can go faster!! He is so helpful!!!
Then with our trusty driver we start loading up the hay. It is really easy when the hay is just one or two levels. Then my muscles start giving out on me when the stack is four high. I did just have a baby!!!This is Big K. He is so quick, so fast that he is able to take breaks. Or maybe the Driver is just going a bit slow?? Humm........ he is only 11.

Mr. Cowboy is the "Stacker". We toss all the bales of hay to him and then he stacks them. He has an important job. If they are not stacked right we might loose a bale when drive home. See the happy look on his face? He just loves me to take his pictures!!What a great job Mr. Cowboy!! This is about how tall the bales get when my muscles give out. I used to be stronger. I need to carry my kids more. Work those arm muscles more. See how much he loves his picture taken? He is saying, Put down the camera and pick up some hay. He doesn't need my help. He has Big K and Paw Paw. They loaded up 100 bales in less than 40 minutes. Team work. It was fun, dusty, and hot. Gotta love it. Now those are some big gloves for some big muscles. This is my nephew helping his Paw Paw pick up 50 bales. They have race horses. I love his race horses. I love it when they don't run fast and then I get to train them and jump them and sell them. it. But that is it. That is all there is to it. All you need is a truck, trailer, some muscles, a driver, a stacker, some loaders, and a lot of allergy medicine.

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Amanda said...

Amen on the allergy medicine! Looks like lots of fun. I would've wimped out after the first level of hay.