Friday, October 26, 2007

Scrapping, Soccor, and Smiles

It has been a long time since I have scrapped a page. So I got off my duff and decided to get on it. So here are three that I have recently done. Sometimes it takes me a while to get my mojo back. I have a mojo? It sounds like a name for a pet ferret!! Anyway here is one:

Big Cowpoke is a real handsome cowboy. See it's all that black cowboy hat. I am telling ya, that everyone must have one. It even makes him look cool in his blazer!! You can find the credits for this page HERE.

Now this layout is a secret. It still isn't posted on my scrapbook site yet!!! So, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone. It is for an upcoming designer spotlight challenge over at Oscraps. It is going to be great!! I'll give you a is about passing somthing on. Credits for this page coming soon to an Ocraps Gallery near you!!

Here is another one. It is our dear family. See how we are all not looking at the camera. We just can not seem to get things together!! It seems like there is always one picture that one of us is looking away. Mr. Cowboy sure looks good to me though!! Something about the tie!! I love it, and if you add the black cowboy hat.....oh melt me like butter!!! This was done with a great freebie kit over at Oscraps. It's this weeks desinger spotlight. You can find the layout's credits HERE.

Now onto Soccer. This was Big Cowpokes first year in soccer. Yes cowboys wear other shoes besides boots. Soccer is the perfect sport for every small boy that has energy. What small boy does not have energy? These games are for an hour at a time and Big Cowpoke can sure run, a lot!!! They played 6 games. Their team, The Clash, was 0 and 6. We did not win a single game. But there were some close ones. Clayton was a real go getter. He would get in there and snatch the ball from everyone. He even made a goal once for the other team. He was so excited!!

Here he is trying to encourage one of his teammates to get after the ball. Sometimes Big Cowpoke would be the only one going for the ball. It was funny to watch all the kids run after the ball like busy bumble bees!!

This is my favorite!! A bit out of focus, but man the pose!! The legs and arms, you just can not beat that!! He loved to kick the ball in. Such joys!!! The season went by so fast!!

After each loss, I mean game, the team would all huddle up. To say what, I am not sure, but the coach looks like she is in deep thought. Or she is getting a hang nail!! I am not sure which one. But none the less the whole team was pretty good sports about not winning a single game.

Now while at the soccer games Cowpokete looked her best!! She loves her hair bows. It is funny to me how many people still asked me, What is his name? Let me give anyone out there a small tip. Ready? If the baby has a bow on it's head, it is a girl. If there is no bow and the baby has on blue, it is safe to say, him. Otherwise say, Oh what a sweet baby what's it's name? That way you won't get it wrong!!

Ms. Cowpokete started smiling!! It is so cute when they do that!! I just love it. Big Cowpoke tries to be silly to make her laugh. A lot of times she ends up crying. But he tries. She will get it someday!

Now here is Ms. Thang with her pink horsey slippers. Every cowpokete should have a pair. These small pink beauties come complete with pink bow and some bling! Love it! Girls are so much fun.Here is a bit closer look. Aren't the the cutest slippers ever? Well now that I have written a novel I should probably stop while ahead. But com back soon. Next I am going to do a How to!! How to speak/understand cajun. What I have learned since moving to the south. Plus another scrapbook page!! Y'all com back now ya hear!!


Amanda said...

LOVE the slipper pictures. What a doll! Can't wait to come and see her and the rest of the cowpokes!!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

All three of your layouts are awesome!! Love the family one and it doesn't matter that you all aren't looking at the camera!! At least you got the photo, right? LOL My son played soccor when he was that age too - the only sport to play at that age!! I remember those days!! You cowpokette is so darling!! Love those horse slippers!! Tooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Victoria said...

Those slippers are so cool! My youngest daughter loves anything with a horse on it and she would love to try to get her foot in those slippers! The bow on her head really should be a big gender give away!
The layouts look like you have some great "mojo" going. BTW, the ferret my husband and son rescued on the road is named Jasper. He was named after the skinny dog thief from 101 Dalmations, but Mojo would have been a funny name.
The soccer picture with his super kickin' leg and swingin' arm is a memorable shot.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Well, my scrapbook pages won't look anything like yours, that's for sure. I'm a rank amateur compared with you. And I have found I can go out with a baby dressed in pink from head to toe (but bald), and people think she's a boy. Don't know why....

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rick said...

Missed the soccer scene with our kids while they grew up, but a friend asked me to come and photograph his kids while they played last weekend. That's a real social event - there were tons of people I new all out there cheering their kids on to victory.