Thursday, October 11, 2007

Over Coming the Impossible

Every day we get up, brush our teeth and get dressed. We go through out our day activities sometimes happy and sometimes mad. We take many things for granted. I have been trying lately to give thanks where thanks is due. I have been trying to always give hugs and hold my children close. I have been trying to not take things for granted. I have been blessed with three healthy children and a wonderful husband. Now lets talk about the impossible. I met this man five years ago. I would have never known anything was different about him when I met him, well maybe except his accent. He is a true Cajun, accent and all!! We all know him by Paw-Paw. Paw-Paw loves to be outside, working with his hands, listening to Cajun music, riding his Harley, and riding horses. Now most of these things you wouldn't think are too impossible, but to him some are. You see about 10 years ago he lost his right leg just below his knee. He has a prosthetic leg, and it has some limitations. If he walks a lot it will rub a sore, and things like that. So, the other night when I looked out my back door and saw this...................................... We were soooo excited!! He loves to ride horse and did that a lot growing up. So to see him up on a horse again is wonderful!! And wow, look how great he is doing!!! They rode for a while and even ran around the barrel pattern!! It is great!!
This is Paw-Paw and Fancy going around the third barrel. After you run around the third barrel you get to kick your horse and run HOME!!!!! This is the fast part. I like to go slow so this is not my kinda thing!!!
Look at them go go go!!! Such a natural rider!! It looks like he hasn't missed a beat. Oh, and to all of you thinking, "Is he wearing shorts?". Yes he is. That is a Paw-Paw trait. He loves to wear "short pants". That is what he calls them. It has to be almost snowing for this guy to put on jeans!! So next time you get up in the morning an put your pants on one leg at a time and think, "Man I just can't do this, I just don't want to get up". Think of Paw-Paw and how happy he is to be riding a horse again!! Yeee-Hawww!!!! Here's to you Paw-Paw!


susan said...

What a wonderful post and photos! That is a wonderful story.

Melissa said...

THanks for sharing this inspiring story and photos.

Victoria said...

How wonderful of him being able to get back in the saddle, literally!

My kids oohhhed and ahhhed over the horse photos. My youngest daughter loves horses.

The baby photo at the bottom is one of the cutest photos I've ever seen!

Rick said...

I want to see a picture of him on his harley.

Amanda said...

Go Paw-paw! Yeehaw!!!