Friday, February 22, 2008

Can't Sell a Darn Thing!!

So, I have this horse issue. It's as simple as this. We have way too many. Between my father-in-law and I we have about 20 horses. Well 18 horses and two donkeys. One donkey that is expecting a baby soon. So, we have a bunch of horses. I have been trying to sell some of mine. My husband and I have 8 of the 20. So, I have started with my most marketable horse (if that is a word Marketable?). This is Kenny. He is so cute, right? He is a nice pony. Just about anyone can ride him. He ropes, rides, and does all the fun play day events at junior rodeos. I have tried selling him in the local newspaper and no calls. Not a single call. So then I posted him on I have recieved a lot of interested people. I have even had a few calls about him with people saying they would come and look at him. But nobody ever shows up. If someone would just come out here they could ride him and love him and take him away!! He could be yours for $2000. We have too many!! Then there is Bobo. He is a nice shetland pony. He is our party pony. He is for sale because the kids don't pay any attention to him at all. We have taken him to tons of birthday parties and could totally make someone some serious money! He doesn't spook at anything. We get about 100 dollars a birthday party with him. He could be yours for $500. Yet nobody wants him. Why not? I do not know. Now here is Mac. He is now a year old, he was only about 4 months old in this picture. But he needs to find a home too. We have a total of four yearlings right now. That is three too many!! So Mac, my breeding stock paint stud colt needs a home!! He is really cheap, so if anyone wants him!! I have him halter broke, he leads, picks up feet, and loves to be brushed!! He could be yours for $400. This is my baby, Ozzie. I have not marketed him and I am not sure I am ready to part with him, but for the sake of being horse broke I would if someone would really want him. He is sensitive and emotional and thinks he is a human. He is going to go into training in the beginning of March. I can't wait to ride this boy!! But he could be yours for $1500. Before training. Here is another yearling. He is so cute and is going to be huge! He is halter broke and all that jazz. He is a registered quarter horse. He has Boston Mac and Peppy San Badger on his pappers. He needs a good home too. But he is my father in laws and maybe I should ask him if he wants to sell him before I go getting rid of him!! LOL!! I am just wanting to reduce the herd so we can have more grass and less money in grain. Then there is this final pony.

This is Buttercup and her filly. She needs to find a good home. She is a very cute buckskin pony. She is a great pony. We ride her out in the big pasture with a halter and lead rope. I rode her in a horse show and won 4th out of 16 horses. She jumps and does what ever you like. She could be your new family member for $800.

Now you see what I have. And why doesn't anyone want to buy my horses? I am wondering if I have a strange illness and nobody wants to come out here and try my horses. I would love to sell just one of them. But not a single one. Would someone please buy one of my horses or ponies? They are all really sweet and deserve a good home. I must be a horrible sales lady. Let me know if you have any ideas for selling something!!


Wendy said...

I want them but of course I can't have them!

I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the ecomony than you. lol

Amanda said...

You are in no way allowed to sell my boyfriend!! I'd never get to see him again! Sniff, sniff. Poor Ozzie. Maybe no one comes to see your horses because they can't find the farm out in the middle of nowhere. They get confused by your professionally paved road and think they must not be in the right place. :) Don't worry, your horses will find great homes!

Anonymous said...


Try selling your horses on this site Louisiana isn't very far to go for a good horse. Good luck!

Karen said...

Girl, you tempt me. Bobo and that last mare (name eludes me this moment) are must-haves. And I have a wonderful paint mare that I could trade you for.

Seriously, if you lived closer I'd be seriously dealing. I need something the kids can ride. And my sister is looking for a pony for her daughter. Why do you live so far away?! And tempt me with such treasures?!