Monday, February 11, 2008

Strange Things, Favorite things, and Getting Bigger

The other day I was driving in town and was stopped at a red light. Not too uncommon. Lots of people get stopped at red lights. Yet, while I was sitting there I noticed something hanging from the wires that held up the light. I got out my camera and zoomed in.
It was a pair of shoes! How strange! Who would throw their shoes up there? Okay, I admit, I was a bit slow getting the camera out and the light turned green, put Dad I promise I wasn't driving. The car was stopped, unlike a past time. Yes, I was driving the van and taking a picture of the dash. My van was brand new and I wanted to take a picture to send to people to show how it is purple. In the picture it looks blue but it's really more of a purple color. I wasn't even speeding!! The speed limits here on the interstate are all 70 mph. But yes, I am blonde and I took a picture of my dash while driving on the intersate. I don't know why I did this, it just happened. At least I wasn't talking on my phone and taking the picture! Speaking of hair..........

My entire life as I can remember it, I have had bangs. Always had something to cover up my forehead and zits. I had big bangs, short bangs, long bangs, and even swept to the side bangs. Now I am trying the no bangs. I think I look strange.

So, there I am with no bangs. I am not sure if I like it or not. I went out Friday night with it like this and I felf all funny and strange. Now onto someting even more random. My favorite cookies. Oh my goodness delicous! I could just take that spoon and eat all of that with out even thinking about it. Come to think of it, I try not to think too much at all. When I do it gets danerous. You never know when I might get an idea. Like while driving my new car and taking pictures of the dash. But onto the goodness of those cookies.
All you need are these. Oh my, my mouth is watering. Just go to the store and get these and do the recipie on the back. It is so easy and so delicious. I heart butterscotch morsels. It looks nasty here but after they are all cooked they are wonderful. Now I don't have a finished picture because I forgot about the first batch in the oven (I always forget to set the timer). They were black. Then the next two batches got eaten. So, I am sorry. But you will have to trust me, they are good. Now last but not least my little Cowpokette. She is growing like a weed. "Who me? Oh, I know! I am so pretty!" She is so much fun. She just loves her brothers and I can see it in her eyes how she wishes she could get down and run around with them. Push them, beat them up, and tell them what to do. She already steals their cars and drools all over them. And yes I know they have small parts and I took it away. The boys wanted her to play cars too. And then look at her way cute shoes. I heart pedipeds. I know I am the last person on earth to know about these, but I love them. They stay on her small narrow feet and she loves them and they are fashionable and way cute. She is just growing up so fast. Almost 6 months old. Time sure flies. But I think that is enough random thoughts for the day! Til next time, y'all come back now ya hear!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea give me a shout tonight at tell me what you want to grow and I'll be sure to tell you the varieties... We will show your father in law *wink & a grin*

I gotta come back later those cookies looked good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's pouring rain and you've made me want to go out and get butterscotch morsels... Shame on you but thanks for sharing... and I think you look pretty without bangs.

Amanda said...

Wow! That was quite the variety of post topics. But my brain is too fried right now from studying punctuation, so this is going to have to do for a comment. :)

Karen said...

I love those shoes! I'm way more into baby shoes than my own. So cute! (And the baby, too!)

There are a pair of shoes just like that hung over the wires near our Children's Hospital. I stare at them every time we're there. What's up with that?!

Rick said...

I was never too good at growing bangs, or whatever they call it when hair grows out of the top of your head - not too good at that either. But the SIDES - we're talking heavy forest!

I think you look lovely.

At my daughter's college they have a "shoe tree" where everynow and then someone will throw a pair of shoes up into the branches, to stay there until the laces rot, I guess.

Thanks for the comment (all your comments) on my blog - I'm glad that you laughed.

Leanne said...

Okay, you did like FOUR posts in one. I can barely get time for three sentences...I'm way jealous.

So, your little one is adorable, I want some cookes, you look great without bangs and don't take pictures while you drive any more!

Glad I found you, great read!

ErinA said...

Hey Andrea! I'm so excited I just found your blog. I think you look great without the bangs, give it a while maybe it will "grow" on you. :)

Sheila said...

Just stopped by to your visit your blog? Actually - i'm not sure how I found you - or how I got here? But I love it!!