Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Road Crew

The other day I was horribly bored. There was really nothing for me to do. No dishes, laundry, house work, it was all done (well kinda, not really, okay not at all). Little Cowpoke declaired that he wanted to go ride his bike outside. So, since he rules the roost, outside we went. He rode around on his tricycle for a while and then was bored too. That is when I came up with a great idea. We decided to grab the sidewalk chalk and make a road. I love to use sidewalk chalk. My husband has never had the chance to use sidewalk chalk. He grew up with a rock driveway. So, when the boys first used it on the driveway and he came home and saw it all over he freaked out. He said, "YOU LET THE BOYS DRAW ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAY!!!" He was really mad. I told him it would wash off with water or the next time it rained, which here is very often. Mr. Cowboy just didn't understand. So, anyway back to my road. Little Cowpoke and I started to build a road. "CAN WE BUILD IT? YES WE CAN!!"

It started at the top of the driveway. I was just going to make it small, but Little Cowpoke kept saying, "More More Please!!!" So, more it was. We made roads all over the driveway. We made stop signs, crosswalks, a cultisack (sp?), and cross roads. We even had a few Y's in the road. It was fun, and it hurt my back. Boy, and I getting old. Little Cowpoke made sure to walk the roads all out to make sure they all were made right. They passed inspection. But it just needed somthing more...... Little Cowpoke then colored in some city parks. They were very nice. Very colorful. Bear even enjoyed the roads. He walked down the street and looked both ways before crossing! Then Little Cowpoke took to the roads. He rode his tricycle up and down and all around. He stayed inside all the lines. He had to pull over for some more construction. The road was always needing some more work. Little Cowpoke had a great time. His big brother even joined in on the fun when the bus dropped him off from school. It was some good fun and cheap too, it only took four large pieces of sidewalk chalk.


Karen said...

That looks like SO much fun! My husband is not a sidewalk chalk kind of guy either. Drat those boring old men. ;)

I've got some bling for you over at my blog!

Tanya said...

What FUN!!! You're lucky, you have a nice long driveway! Ours is short and down a hill, not very good for road building. My dh freaks out over sidewalk chalk on the driveway too...what's up with that? And the funny thing is, he's hardly here, so who cares?!!! Looks like little cowpoke had a blast, and what a cutie pie!

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Mine freaks out over the chalk too. Funny how his grease and paint and junk everywhere doesn't seem to bother him though!