Friday, February 1, 2008

Mardi Gras!!

******Warning before you read this my spell check wasn't working, and I didn't proof read it so read with caution, and don't make fun of my crazy typing.****

The time of year has come again when crazy people come out of the wood work and find their ways to the streets of any town in Louisiana. They all gather together to watch other people drive by them on large semi truck trialers and throw things at them. Now, you must beware, if you are standing on the ground yelling, "Throw me somthen Mister." Then you will get something thrown at you. Now just think. They are up high on a semi trailer throwing beads, cups, candy, coins, and anything else they would like too at you. They are not nice. I have had some serious injury from beads hitting me in the face. You really have to be careful. During the Mardi Gras festivities, there are many parades. You can choose which one's to attend. You can learn more about that here. We really have a great Mardi Gras here. It is more fun than New Orleans. :) We always take the kids to my husband's home town for the parade. It's smaller and you don't get too much stuff. Because honestly people what can you do with all those beautiful beads. Here is our long time family friend. She has found what to do with all that stuff. You can just take all your old beads and make a fashionable denium Mardi Gras bead jacket. I thinks she did a fantastic job. She used safty pins and glue. That jacket is heavy. She also has some pants but the beads were so heavy they ripped her pants!Here are the Cowpokes before the parade. They were so excited. Now you must come to the parade with beads or some kinds of Mardi Gras clothing. It's just more fun that way!! Now there are many ways in which you can catch and store you beads and candies. You can use the old trusty plastic bag, or an old halloween bucket, an upside down umbrella, or you can make your own like so...............
She is so much fun. She made this out of a fishing net. Love it!! She is so into Mardi Gras. I just stand there and say, "Smile let me take your picture!!" Well here comes the parade. It has police cars, fast cars, queens, semi trucks pulling trialers, horses, kids, adults, and even dogs. It's fun. See all the big floats. And this is only a small parade in a small town of 3,000 people. Little Cowpoke is ready for some more loot. You can even catch cups. They will throw everything and anyting at you, even undies!!Mr. Cowboy is too cool to participate. Well the truth is I embarassed him with my Flat Stanley. But that is a whole nother post. Coming soon. Well the parade is over and that is about all the beads my cowpokes can handel. There are lots more still all over the ground plus in their bags. They got a bunch. Big Cowpoke got lots around his neck. He was trying to take them off and was saying, "Help me!! Help me they are choking me, MOM!!!" I replied, "No wait let me take your picture." Is this some sick disease I have?He was so mad at me. After the parade is over, we all head to the park for a chicken run. The kids all chase a chicken and who ever catches it does just that catches it. They don't win anything it's just fun. They do it in age groups. Starting with 5-7 year olds. And the chicken it tossed in the air. And all the kids run like crazy. Little Cowpoke cries because he is too young to chase the chicken. He was so upset. But meanwhile........the chicken runs into the girls bathroom and out came........This little boy with a bloody nose and the chicken. He was so excited. Everyone surrounded him takin his picture. We all then headed back to our friend's house for some BBQ, gumbo, and jambalya. It is such a fun day!! Even Cowpokette had a fun time. She loves a good parade.


Wendy said...

Ok, you know your boys are adorable but that little girl. Oh my gosh. I could eat her!!!

Looks like a fun Mardi Gras time!!!

I love, love, love that jacket. Too cute!

Amanda said...

Looks like fun! We've been avoiding all the Mardi Gras craziness. I just think this far from New Orleans or even this far from Louisiana there is not much point and loses it's magic. Glad you have fun. And don't worry, I have the same picture taking disease!

Jennifer said...

Looks like lots and lots of fun. I have never been to Mardi Gras, but I have been brought back tons of beads. At that time I drove a stick shift, and they were wrapped around the shift, and hing from the rear view mirror, wrapped around the head rests, thrown in the back windhsheild area, the rest I had to give away. There was just to many, LOL.

Love the pics of your kids. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL. And your boys super CUTE.

Karen said...

Looks like tons of fun, and I'm sure Stanley had a blast. I'm sorry he embarrassed Mr. Cowpoke. But thanks for doing that for Luke!

Working Girl Two said...

oh my gosh! your little cowpokette is adorableeeeeeeeee. i love her little chubby cheeks!