Monday, February 25, 2008

Let the Rodeo Begin!

Last year was Big Cowpokes first time rodeoing. He was a bit nervous. You would look at him and think to yourself, "That little man must love to ride horses and rope." Just by the way he dresses and what he wears. But oh, he is the complete opposite. He loves the rodeo. He loves the dirt, the cows, and everything that goes with it. He just is a bit scared when it comes to the whole horse thing.

See, here he is standing next to a roping dummy thing. I am not sure what it is called. But you sit up on the "horse" and kick the side and a steer head shoots out and you are supposed to rope it. He thinks he is hot stuff in his wife beater shirt. I am so glad he out grew that!!

I tried to make him look like he was from the 1050's. But anyway. All last year he tried really hard to get better. He went from riding in two events to riding in five! He really improved. He even got a first place in ground roping. That is where he stands on the ground a little bit away from the dummy and you run up and rope it. Here he is practicing. He likes the whole stand on the ground thing and roping. That is safe. About halfway through the year I finally convinced him to ride my old jumping horse. He was a bit scared because she is really tall. But by the last rodeo they were great together!! I was so proud of him for riding so well!! We are about to get into rodeo season again. We have one rodeo coming up on March 8th and one on March 29th. Big Cowpoke is all excited. I hope that this year he will be ready to ride all the events!! We have dusted off the ropes and saddles and are riding about everyday in preperation for the rodeo!! Watch out rodeo fans, here we come!


Jennifer said...

he is so so cute! I love the rodeo. My DH likes it, but I would watch it 24/7 while it was on tv, and he didn't like it quite so much, LOL. He preffered soccer, which I didn't like so much.


Karen said...

I would love to attend a rodeo, but I'd love to see that little cowpoke in one even more.

Amanda said...

Yeehaw! Tell Cowpoke I expect him to be an expert horseman so that when we come visit he can teach Ella everything he knows! Good luck at the rodeo!

Shade of Green said...

What great pictures. I think lots of kids love cowboy stuff but getting on a horse can be scary. I don't blame hime one bit!