Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mommy Poperotsy

It's a small obsession I have. Taking photos. I will sneak around the house in search of good picture oportunities. I will follow around my children waiting for a slip in their step, or a fashion blunder. Anything that I can photograph. I love it. And sometimes my little stars don't love it.

"NOOOOOO!!! SSS-TOP!!!! MOOOOOMMMM!!" "No Pictures!!" He was so upset. He did not want his picture taken and was hiding his face. He was being so dramatic I just had to film him. Sorry I forgot, and held the camera sideways when filming him. I fixed it. I am blonde. All this was sturred up by his favorite blanket. It had gone missing. Then he discovered it was taking a bath (in the washing machine). Little Cowpoke gets very distraught when his blanket is taking a bath. There is nothing that can make it better. There are no subsitutes to his blanket. But it does provide for some entertainment for a short while at least. Little Cowpoke will make a great movie star one day. He has had plenty of practice waving away cameras, ignoring annoying flashes, and letting the camera man know how he feels.But in the end he calms down and everything ends up okay.

Life is always much better when you have two pacifiers. That is all you need.


Squatly said...

I want two binkys! And i'm not lying to you! i found it then lost it in the move!!!! i even looked for it today for like a half an hour!!!! i will find it!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I could have used on of those binkies the other day. Ella loves getting her blanket washed. Just as long as it's done by the time naptime rolls around.

Anonymous said...

Ask your Lil' cowpoke if I could borrow a pacifier, for sometimes life sucks. :) (only meant in fun)

Tanya said...

That is too funny, stalking your kids for a picture, ha! What a cutie pie!

Keri said...

Ava use to try and stick two or three binkys in her mouth when her brother gav came on the scene.
It's sooo funny when they do that.

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