Monday, February 4, 2008

Flat Stanley

I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs, The Rocking Pony. She is so cleaver. I love to read about her dogs breeding, and kids vacuuming up diapers, and ugly sweaters. You will have to go and check out her out. Well, not exactly her, but her blog. She is also having a contest. She is giving away one of her shirts she makes. I really want the shark one, or the alien one, or the big wheel one. Dang it, I want a lot of them. So, go over there and see what she is all about. But not before reading about me first! While I was over at her blog, I read a post about Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a story about a boy that was squished by a bulliten board and sent all around the country by his parents in an envelope. So, her son was doing a Flat Stanley project and I was so excited to help out. Flat Stanley went to Mardi Gras with us!
Here he is enjoying the horses. Here is his favorite float. Flat Stanley really had a wonderful time. He even caught enough beads for the first grade elementary class he was being shipped back to. Flat Stanley wore his Mardi Gras shirt too. Mr. Cowboy was so embarrassed. I tried to take his picture with Flat Stanley but he rebelled like a 6 year old boy having to eat veggies. But Flat Stanley and I and the cowpokes had a great time at the parade. And I hope all those first graders had a fun time with Flat Stanley!!

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Karen said...

Luke said he got the package (all shaky and rattly) yesterday, but the teacher is saving to open later. Luke cannot wait, knowing that beads are awaiting, because he's sure they'll spill all over the floor and make a huge mess and that would be so fun. Boys.

Thanks for the shout-out about the contest. It's officially over and everyone can go into hiding again. Oh, the humiliation that I read about! I can honestly say that I've never caught my shirt on my horn before. I would have died. I did see a boy about 9 showing a 16 hand QH in trail class. His foot got stuck in the stirrup upon the dismount and he hung upside down by one foot. He had no choice but to ask the judge for help. He didn't win that class.