Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blazin Acres

I can't seem to imagine what the cowpokes and I did with our mornings and our evenings before we got Joe. Joe is just about all the cowpokes talk about. After we finish breakfast they have to go out and feed Joe and change his water. They love to change his water. That is the wet and fun part of the job. I even found some cheap kid rakes at the Dollar Store that have wide prongs that can actually rake up the goat droppings. Before I found those rakes I was baffled with the small pellets and how I was to clean them up. Now, the kids do it while I stand there with the shovel. I love having children. But before we got Joe he did have another home. Joe had a Mom, a Dad, and he even had a twin brother. The Cowpokes wanted to see all of Joe's friends so we went to his old stomping grounds, Blazin Acres.

It took me a while to get there. I had put the directions into my navigation system in the van, and I, for some strange reason, do not trust that thing. I typed the address into the system and kept my written directions on my lap, just in case. The navigation system did not like me driving on so many "unverified" roads. I have to laugh. I guess Louisiana roads have not been put on the map. The road I live on is called # 8032. Which as far as I know the road has a name. But I did make it there. Between the Cowpokes crying in the back seat, "Are we there yet? Are we at Joe's mom's house? Can we pet the baby goats?" and my navigation system talking back to me I made it. I was so excited when we got there I didn't take that many pictures. I can't believe it. So, I will just have to go back and visit and take some more pictures. Maybe next time we can take Joe with us and practice our showmanship! First I will show you Joe's Mother.

I think Joe takes after his mom. They even have the same white face. Joe just has a brown spot on his foot and on his shoulder. But other than that he takes after his mother. She was still working on getting her weight up after having the twins on her. Man I wish I could have had that problem with my cowpokes. For some reason I get larger. This is not fair. I am more like this girl here.

I think her name is Jade, if I am remembering correctly. She is so cute. But no, she is not expecting. She has never had any babies. She is just a bit on the larger side. I like to say she is big boned, or well insulated for the winter time. She and I have a lot in common. We seem to keep the extra pounds around the mid-section. I wish I could have gotten a video of her running. But now onto Joe's Father. Here he is.

Talk about a stud right? I absolutely love his "goatee". It looks like he has highlights. I do not remember his name. But he was so nice. He came out of his house and stood so straight and proper for his photos. He kinda stuck his tongue out at us. I guess that is where Joe gets it from. But I think his Dad is a very nice looking guy. Then we got to see the babies. I could not believe how cute and tiny they all were.

These babies were only about one day old. Aren't they so tiny? It's hard to imagine them getting 100 pounds. The mom was not too sure about us trying to photograph her kids. Ha ha, get it her kids!! I am so funny. Maybe I should stop blogging late at night to cut back on the slap stick comic lines. Then there were the babies that were about a week old. I think they were a week old. Maybe younger.

I love the look on the mother goat's face. She looks like she is saying, "Yeah I know, I wish I had my horns done like yours, but these "kids" just don't ever let me get any time to get to the salon." Those babies were so cute! I loved the little one with the black ear and face. That one was so cute. I can so see how these goats can get addicting. But I have promised myself that we would only have Joe, unless the Cowpokes wanted to start showing. Then we would have one to show and Joe. Joe will live with us for forever. As long as he stays out of Mr. Cowboy's landscaping. Mr. Cowboy has threatened to put Joe on the BBQ pit if he catches him in the flowers one more time. We won't tell him about the house incidents now will we. Joe has a lot of friends he left behind. Here are two twins that were posing for me.

I think they are so cute. Now, I did not get a picture of Joe's twin. I know, I know. I was distracted with trying to catch a horse. Which I never caught. The horse left me sweaty and hot. After about an hour I gave up. I normally never give up. But I had "caught" her twice and she got away, so I gave up. Those ponies can sure be hard headed. But the two horses they got from us looked so good. I wished I had taken pictures of them. They were all shinny and beautiful. They looked like they were loving life. I am so glad they they found a great home. You should see the two horses come running when the treats come out. It makes me happy when the babies that we raise and love find a wonderful home. Oh, and that reminds me too. Mac, my yearling that I recently sold is doing great. I received a phone call from his new mom and she said Mac is attached himself to her father and follows him all around the place. That is great that they are getting along so well.

I have come to the conclusion that I should make another trip to Blazin Acres. I need to take Joe with me so the boys can practice their showmanship skills. And then maybe Joe can play with the other goats. That is if goats are friendly like that. I am not sure if they are like horses where the new one always has to find his place, or if goats just like more friends. I will have to call and ask them before I bring Joe for a visit. That was our visit to Blazin Acres. The cowpokes had a blast playing with all the "kids" and I was hot and tired from chasing a yearling filly, and we have all decided we must go back. I had a wonderful visit. Until next time, y'all come back now ya hear.


A Bit Unbridled said...

"Goatee" LMAO! That is a cute post! Goats crack me up. They are just so stinkin' funny to watch. Who needs TV when you got a couple of hungry goats around? LOL.

I'm adding your blog to by links!

Wendy said...

I love it!!

Joes dad is quite the man!

Can't wait till I have my own little goat babies.

I want a different breed but those are just adorable too. I love the black one. Too cute.

Karen said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love goats.

kdwhorses said...

LMAO! Oh girl, your late night writing is the best!
The goatee-what a stud! And by the looks of the picture he knows it! LOL!
Sounds and looks like you all had a blast. What a fun day!

Amanda said...

While you get witty at night, my brain turns to mush. So I can;t think of one good thing to say in response to your super cool goat pictures. Oh well. Maybe next time.

The Wades said...

No kiddin', that was a great post! :) Loved the pictures.

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