Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Little Mud and a Pony Ride

The one thing that my sister's kids love to do when they come to visit is go for a "pony" ride. I love to give pony rides. They are so much fun. I love to see the kids get excited. From the first day they got here all the little guy, who is 1, wanted to do was ride a horse. So, when the time came he just couldn't wait. But he had to wait. We have to feed our pony horse before we ride her because she is old and cranky and if she doesn't eat she will be show it. So, while the 21 year old horse slowly ate we decided to go and get the mail. We walked to the end of the driveway and looked inside the mail box and just then the little guy fell in the ditch. Now, this ditch is not any ordinary ditch, it just so happens to be the ditch where our septic tank drains. And in went the little guy and out came a black, stinky, messy guy.

We hosed him off! I think he really liked that part. By the time he was all cleaned up and redressed it was finally time to ride the horse! I got out the new girl, Daisy Rose Pretty Girl. She has a really long name because a six year old and a two year old named her. She is such a good girl. Alex got to ride first.

He is so darn cute! And here I am not so cute! I get a bit excited when kids ride. Pretty Girl, the horse, on the other hand doesn't get excited about much. Except feed time.

I could just squeeze his cheeks! He was so happy to be riding! He was even so nice to let his sister take a turn. She was so excited too. She grabbed a cowgirl hat for the ride!

She is such the cowgirl! She rode the horse all by herself, turning her and stopping her. It was really cute. I just love our new old horse! The kids took many different turns and they got to ride for a long time. I just love a good pony ride!

My sister is really talented. She is great at everything she tires. She is really good at taking pictures. While she was here she took some kid and family pictures for us. Those will be coming up soon. She also took a lot of random pictures during the day. This is one she took of Cowpokette. I then photoshopped it and I think I made her look a bit ill, but oh well!! :)

She almost looks like a doll. Big Cowpoke is getting out of school on May 22, and I am already planning our trip to visit my sister! She lives near white sand beaches!! I hope she is ready for us to come!! Oh and you can see this trip from my sister's point of view over on her blog, sorry to all the folks who read both, it will be kinda the same pictures for a few days!!


Erin said...

Her blue eyes look amazing in this picture. I really need to learn how to photoshop!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Those kids look like they are having fun there riding those horses.