Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hot, Spicy, Humid, Bugs.

It must be a southern thing. The whole bigger is better. Everything down here is bigger. Here in the south we have Texas, that is big. There are big alligators, big swamps, big rats that live in the swamps. Big roaches, big frogs, big mosquitos. I am telling you everything here seems to be big. I think that is due to the lack of winter weather. It never really gets cold enough here. One thing I do know for sure is that when it rains here the big bugs come out. I will show you some examples.

This is a moth. It was just hanging out on our barn. It must have been 4 inches wide. I just don't think moths should be that big. But I guess if they are eating big bugs then they need to be a bit larger. Another thing that really creeps me out are these.

I absolutely hate these. They are slimy, sticky, yucky, jumpy, and they pee on you. My boys love them and call them pee frogs. This particular one jumped on my back while I was sitting at the computer. Yeah there is nothing like a cold blob hitting you in the middle of you back while you are quietly sitting at the computer reading emails. I jumped up and screamed. I hate them. And this event happened shortly after I was attacked in my husband's truck the other day. I opened the truck door and put the key in the ignition, and that is when it hit me. The pee frog jumped on the front of my shirt. I had the truck in reverse, so all I could do was scream and shake my shirt which sent the frog flying onto the steering wheel. I never have put a truck in park so fast in my life. By the time I got out of the driver side door, the frog was gone. Those suckers are fast. I was then too freaked out to get back in. I would rather kill spiders than those tree frogs. Then when it rains another fiery creature comes out.

Not the cute yearling donkey, but ANTS. Fire ants. They build their sand pile homes high so the water can't get them. Those ants are mean. If it rains enough and the yard floods, you have to wear boots or else the ants that are "swimming" in the water bogged lawn will bite your feet and ankles. Where else on earth besides south of the equator are there ant piles this big? And that is a little on the small side. But with the rain comes good things.

It makes everything more green. Believe it or not but I did not photoshop this photo. That is straight out of the camera. It is really green here.

Almost not real looking. The rain also brings joy to some.

This little cowpoke loves the water that the rain leaves behind. There is just something about boys and water. It's a definite attraction.

He just couldn't resist stomping and splashing. Puddles are so much fun. Even though that is more than just a puddle it's the flooded ditch. But he doesn't know that. After playing in the water and in the hot sun, it is time to go inside for some lunch. Little Cowpoke loves to help cook. He is always at the stove with me stirring or wanting to add a little of this and a little of that. For lunch the other day I was making Velveeta mac and cheese. My favorite. And Little Cowpoke decided that he wanted to add a little something while I went to the bathroom. When I came back this is what he had in his hand.

I love this stuff. It's so good. We put it on just about everything. But I don't normally put it in my boiling noodles. And let me tell you, the water was red. Little Cowpoke said, "I put dat in dare and now it's good." Well, now it is good and spicy. I drained the noodles and rinsed them off. Then added clean water and finished boiling them.

It was still a bit spicy. So, just to let you all know that Slap Ya Mama is okay to add to Velveeta. Just not too much or it will burn your mouth! I would try it again, but maybe not as much as Little Cowpoke would have liked.


Laura said...

Two things:
1. I always spice up my mac n cheese like that. Yum Yum!! He has the right idea.

2. Those little frogs poo all over too. It's pretty nasty. Especially when it's on your house. AND Christopher took one to school for the frog jumping contest (YES, I KNOW!) and the little nasty booger WON!!

Amanda said...

Lol! That's too funny about the mac and cheese. How was he able to reach the Slap Ya Momma? Don't you keep it in the cupboard? Maybe now you should. :)

Wendy said...

That's so funny. I can just hear him saying that too with his little cajun accent. Sounding like his Pawpaw. lol

Pony Girl said...

Andrea, I would not do well in your state with all those big bugs! lol! ;) I am just glad you did not post a picture of a BIG spider!! Those frogs remind me of the ones at my sister's farm...but, they would NOT come in the house or car. That just doesn't happen here. I can't imagine! If that happened to me I would've crashed for sure!
Love the pic of Little Cowpoke in the water!

Erin said...

Ack! Frogs in the house?!?!?! I could not cope.

Of course, we have black widows.

I'm just not a fan of all of God's creatures.