Thursday, May 8, 2008


About two and a half weeks ago I made a trade deal with a man and his wife. I had never met them before but they seemed really nice. It turns out that they are really really nice. They work with a good friend of mine and with my sister in law. Small world. But the trade consisted of one yearling filly pony named scribbles and a weened Boer goat. Now, a lot of people my think I have lost my mind, but let me explain.

I owned Scribble's mother and sold her two years ago. The new owner called me and said she could not afford the pregnant pony anymore so, I took her back. About three months later, the pony had a baby, we named Scribbles. Scribbles is now one year old and she has been advertised for over six months to sell. Nobody wanted to come and look at poor Scribbles. You see, ponies are what children ride. And a one or two even a three year old pony is really not at all suitable for a child to ride. So, Scribbles needed a lot of work and a lot of years of ridding before a child could ride her. I did not have that time being that I have three little ones. So, she was for sale.

Two weeks ago the really nice man and his wife came to look at another yearling colt we had for sale. They talked to us for a long time. They told us about their spoiled Boer goats. How they call their names and they come running. The nice man will sit in a chair out in the pasture and feed and play with the goats. They were just such animal loving people. Deep down I have always wanted a goat, but I am terrified of horns, so I have never gotten one. But for some strange reason I blurted out, "I'll trade you that pony filly over there for a goat!"

Oh wow, I had said it and the nice couple went over and looked at the pony. The really nice lady was sold on how cute the little filly was. So, it was a done deal. I traded a yearling filly for a four month old Boer goat. And I have been proclaimed crazy by many, but I do not care. I got the goat two days ago and it has been so much fun.

The boys named the goat, Joe. I tried to name him Marshall but they didn't like it. Little Cowpoke calls him Joey. The boys never like my name picks for animals. But here is Joe. I have not taken any good pictures of the boys walking Joe, because for the first day he would only follow me. I will take some pictures of the boys walking him tonight. But with out any more waiting, here is Joe.

Isn't he cute. He is about 40 pounds. He is four months old. He can mature to about 100 pounds. He will be larger than my yellow lab. He could pull a cart if we trained him. I think he is cute!

Even the dogs like him. Here is Brodi making sure the goat does not do anything wrong.

You can see Little Cowpoke in the background with his brush. That poor goat gets brushed about 30 times a day. Little Cowpoke bought a new brush just for the goat. I am telling you, I think the kids are more excited about the baby goat then they have ever been about a big scary horse!

Here Little Cowpoke, who is two, took a picture of me and Joe, oh and Brodi too. Brodi was a bit jealous that he was not getting all the attention and being photographed. But I do believe Joe will fit into our family just fine. He is a sweet goat. He doesn't mind being tragged all over the yard by the kids and he puts up with my dogs, oh, and he is just a bit goofy. We like that here at our house. Everyone needs a little goof, don't ya think?


Callie said...

LOL, Good luck training a goat! I have three little boy goats and they are fun to play with. Very motivated by food! And BTW, My husband added you to the Horse Lovers guide by The Power Guides, so you'll show up a few extra places. You'll probably get some new visitors!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

My dad taught numerous goats to pull carts! We had Boer goats for a while. Thank GAWD we sold them. We had 25. I would of liked just ONE! lol

Callie said...

Oh and now I see Louisiana on your profile. Cool.......One of my favorite places to visit. Love the culture down there. Just love it!

Karen said...

I love goats! What a cutie. I'm not sure it's the fairest trade, though. But as long as you're all happy that's what counts.

Amanda said...

Yes, goof definitely required in your neck of the woods. :) He is so cute. I'm just sad that you got him after we left. Oh well. We'll just have to visit again!

Pony Girl said...

Andrea, that little Joe is too cute! You're like me, I'm afraid of the horns, too! lol! I think goats have such fun personalities, from what I've observed from my sister's goats. Have fun with your new family member! (Just don't let the kids bring him in the house! :)

Danielle Michelle said...

I want a goat! How fun!

Congrats on going to be a MOMMA next spring! Hopefully I will have news in that department here soon also!

Wendy said...

Well, I don't think you're crazy! You've got enough dang horses. You need some variety out there. You can bet as soon as I have more room, there will be some goat babies at my house too.
Call him Joey. It just sounds like a good goat name. He is so cute. I want to come hug his neck. What day next week can I come over?!?!?!

Tj & Mark said...

Excellent trade. You are happy and the other couple is happy so it is good. A few years ago I made a trade that my husband rolled his eyes on. I traded a 2 year old quarter horse filly for a 24 year old Arabian who seemed to be on his last stand. But I loved the old horse and he is still going strong and all the kids who visit our ranch are enamored with him, so it too turned out to be an excellent trade.

I love the last picture. Joe is too cute for words!

It is I said...

I am about to go and read this post, but before I do, I wanted to see if you could email me - I wanted to ask you something.

followingmycatracho AT gmail DOT com

Please :)

It is I said...

Ok Im back to comment.

I LOVE Joe. Johan wants a goat so bad. I don't know where the idea came from, but whenever he talks to my husband on the phone he tells him he wants a goat. When he first asked Lale said we wouldn't have a goat even if someone gifted it to us. And so Johan said fine Papi, you wont buy me a goat, I will tell my Nana to buy me a goat. and he wouldnt talk to him for the rest of the phone call. Just today we talked to Lale and Lale said to Johan, are you ready to come to Honduras in 11 days? And Johan said, You got my goat? I need my goat. And went on and on about this goat. Lale said he didnt have it yet, and Johan said well call me back when you buy it, LMAO. He just turned 3. They learn young dont they, LOL.

Lets see if we have a goat when we get there.