Thursday, May 1, 2008


My older sister came to visit me for a week! I was so excited. While she was here we had all sorts of things planned, and like always, we only did a few of the planned things. Then by the end of the week we say, "We never have time to do all that we wanted to do!" But that is just how it goes. One thing that my sister did while she was here was go to a conference in Texas. So, for the first time she went away for a long time with out her children. And she was brave enough to leave her two kidos with me. I had such big plans for the day.

My sister has two kids, a girl who is 3 and a boy that is 1. They are such good kids. Well, good kids for me! Just like how my kids are good for other people and then turn into little devils when I get them back. Why is that? I need to know! But, I let the kids play for part of the morning and then I wanted to have some fun. I grabbed her daughter and did her hair. I love to do little girl's hair. My girl isn't old enough to do much of anything, so I jump at the chance to do a girl's hair. Plus she let me put bows in it. The little guy let me put gel in his hair. I had to take pictures. Her kids are so good with the camera. If they see a camera they automatically smile! I love it!! Well trained models!

How much cuter does that get? I mean come on! And that smile is so automatic! He is such a cutie!! I could just love him and squeeze him and call him Fred. Or, I could just spoil him rotten when I get to babysit him!!

And here, I think this picture doesn't show off her automatic smile as much as her automatic posing! He is a future model. Plus she has way cute hair. I could keep her too!! I would do her hair everyday.

Then there is this ham, Little Cowpoke. I think he is trying to look all prim and proper. But little does he know that everyone else knows different.

Again, here she shows her beautiful pose and smile. As you can see Little Cowpoke is not trained as well in the whole smile for the picture poses.

I just love my sister's camera. She has a really fun Nikon D40!! I just have a point and shoot. I felt all professional taking pictures with her big fancy camera. Thank goodness she had it set on an auto button. I would have been lost with all the buttons!!

Isn't' her hair just the cutest!! I was so proud of my girly hair do. I don't get to do it that often.

They even managed to get in a game of Ring Around the Rosey. That was such a fun game. It ranks up there with Red Rover. I loved Red Rover! Oh and freeze tag! My sisters and I would play some mean freeze tag. Good fun!

They are all such cuties. We spent the morning outside playing on the swings and petting the baby donkey. We didn't come back inside until 1pm.

But how could we go inside when we were having too much fun outside!

Cowpokette is getting so big. She wants to be with the big kids. We had a lot of fun. After we went inside they got lunch and the little man took a nap while the rest of us watched Super Why on PBS. Then Mr. Cowboy came home from his long journey to the big city! We loaded up the kids and went to Sam's club. We got all sorts of looks from people saying, "Wow you have five! They are so cute, you have your hands full!" Mr. Cowboy and I just played along! It was fun. I could totally have five kids if two of them were as good as my sister's kids. They were so quiet. Unlike Big Cowpoke who managed to have two total breakdowns while we were shopping.

After the shopping trip we got pizza and went to the park. We played until 8:30pm when I received a call from my sister. (The kids were supposed to be in bed). When I answered the phone I said, "Wow it's 8pm, I guess we should leave the park huh?" hee hee hee hee. So, we left the park and tried to hurry home to bathe the kids and get them in bed before my sister got home, but we didn't make it. But that is okay. We had a really fun day. I love to spoil the kids. I can't wait to be a grandma!! So, I can spoil my grand kids rotten and then give them back!! Whuahahahahaaha!! That is my evil laugh!


Erin said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Her kids are adorable.
I love the new look on your page, you should come teach me how to do that. :) We'd love to have y'all over for a play day.

Karen said...

EEK!! How cute are those kids?!!

And the picture showed up on the blog header - lookin' very good.

Pony Girl said...

Awww..those are just great pics and super-cute kids!!! I wish my sister had children. I'm dying for neices and nephews. Right now, I just have neice and nephew goats, cats, dogs.....not as much fun to do cute girlie hair-do's on! Love the new blog colors and header. I didn't recognize your blog! How did you do the header?? I have struggled with doing a custom header, since blogger won't let you load anything that is not a .jpg, I can't get anything with writing on it to save as a jpg. I am so computer illiterate! ;)

The Wades said...

Gorgeous pix and kids! Your kids and your sister's kids are just beautiful. They could definitely pass for siblings without a doubt!