Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Sister Rocks!!

Well, I have four sisters and they all rock and are so awesome. I could not have asked for better sisters. I have one brother too who is too very fabulous. If you can say guys are fabulous. My brother once rescued me from Ohio and safely transported me to Utah, but that is an entire different story that will take way too long to explain. So, my sister who rocks. This is the sister who is about one year and a half older than me. The same sister who always had cool clothes, fun friends, and got into a fist fight one time. (She will hate me for saying that!) But I then thought she was so cool. She was a cheerleader. For that I was extremely jealous. I tried out every year from 6th-12th grade and never made it. Yeah, I was a dork. But she was always cool. At least I thought so. She is one of those people who can do anything she puts her mind to, and be good at it too!! She was my inspiration to do digiscraping. She is my mentor in photoshoping, and she is a wonderful photographer! Oh, and you should so see some of her cakes. So, awesome and yummy!! All I can say is she is amazing! Wow!

Every time she comes to visit me I beg and plead for her to take pictures of my unruly children. This time I got her to do it. I was able to drag her down to the near by swamp 2 miles from my house and we took pictures of all the kids, and some of us. But mostly of the kids, they are cuter! I wanted to show you all some of the pictures she took. She is so awesome!! I think I have said that already.

I love this one. Well, I love them all. But Little Cowpokette is just the cutest thing ever. And I will let you all know that I did not even brush my hair that day. And my bangs are being held in place by two bobby pins. I am such a mess.

I kinda wish she was looking up, but it's a fun one anyway. Man look at those pearly whites!! I love teeth! Again, I know I am weird!

This is the one I used in my header. My sister actually put a new head on Little Cowpoke. She is such the photoshop queen. I will someday be just like her! But until then my photoshopping skills will lack in many departments.

Cute, right?

My sister's gang and my gang all together in the middle of the road. I was jumping up and down like a silly monkey to get them all to look. And my sister still had to photoshop a new head in. Can you tell which head she did?

This is one that I edited, and I know I need to make my black a bit darker. But oh well, it's like almost midnight and I am tired and I will fix it later. Until then, just look at her eyes!!

Handsome Devil!!

I am just missing Mr. Cowboy here. Maybe we can photoshop him into the picture? Maybe?

This is my favorite of the three of them. The lighting that day was weird. We took these at 5 pm. The sun was just so sunny. Well, yeah........I am so smart. Hee hee!

The cowboys. They are such hams. I love them.

Just tell me what do you do with hair that does that all the time? It's crazy!

Big Cowpoke is always being silly. This is my class clown. He loves to make people laugh. He is thinking of a good pose.

Man they grow up fast! Where did my little boy go?

Look out ladies, here he comes! Well, when he is 20 and can finally, maybe, go out on a date.

For this one, I asked them to stand like mommy. Do I really stand like that? And why do they have to push their hips out? Do my hips stick out? Ha, yeah right, I wish they stuck out!! LOL!!

See, I told you my hips don't stick out. I think I am adjusting my belt here, or making my shirt go down or something. Nice of my sister to take pictures of my good side huh? There is nothing back there. I missed that gene. It would be nice to have something for when I ride my horse, but nope nothing!

Here we are. Big Cowpoke took this picture! He isn't half bad. I of coarse cropped out everything from about the ribs on down. Can't have too many full body shots. Okay, we can't have any full body shots! And for the last one. My favorite.

Now do you all see that tongue. Does it remind any of you of a certain little animal we just got. And this picture was taken about a week before we got Joe. I can certainly see a family resemblance.

They are just made for each other. But now I am sure I have posted enough photos to last everyone a life time. Thanks to my wonderful sister for taking pictures of my family and then sending them to me! Isn't my sister the best?


Erin said...

The pictures are awesome! I love Cowpokette's huge smile!

Carolina girl said...

Your sister is amazing--great pictures! And I looked at her cakes and they too are amazing! Does she give cake making lessons? She is very talented. I want to be like her when I grow up too.:)

Amanda said...

Just to set the record straight, I photoshopped 2 heads into the group picture, and I didn't take the picture of your rumpus. Big Cowpoke did that. I don't take such unbalanced photos. If I had taken it your rumpus would have looked much better. :) And it is odd that Joe seems to fit right in to your family.

be a saint said...

I love the pics. They are so great. Hey, did you see that I emailed you today? I know how you feel about your sister. I still think everything MY sister touches is great. I should tell her, right?!!? Talk to you soon.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

It should be illegal to have children that CUTE!

Danielle Michelle said...

I wish I had a sister...what fun to leave the men behind and play! I have a soon-to-be sister-in-law and I don't think she likes dirt very much. I think I was born to the wrong family. OR I have a very resessive gene...

Very interesting

Tj & Mark said...

such a cute bunch of people. I got a real laugh on the commentary of you and your sister. Guys just don't seem to get it. LOL

Squatly said...

these pictures are very cute!!! and i love joe! Cowpoke is sooooo old now! when did he get so big? And what fist fight was amanda in?

Harmony said...

This pictures are AWESOME! Amanda rules--I had no idea which head was photoshopped on. That's crazy!

Your kids are soooo cute (especially that last picture!)