Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sand Angels

Every morning Little Cowpoke and I go outside and let Joe out to stretch his legs. It gives him some time to eat grass, climb on junk piles, and to run like the wind. All before we feed him some breakfast and then put him back in his pen until Big Cowpoke gets home from school, then we do it all over again. It is so much fun. Yesterday morning Little Cowpoke was tired of running around with Joe, so while I was feeding a horse this is what he was doing.

Yep, that is right. Clean clothes, clean hair, not so clean barn sand. Well at least it was freshly raked.

But he was having so much fun. He was so excited he made a sand angel. Poor kid, hardly ever gets the chance to play in the snow. He has to make dirt angels.

He was so proud of his angel. And luckily the sand all just wiped off of him. That was a first. Normally it sticks to him like glue. Then we went around some junk piles to let Joe eat some weeds.

Joe was here in this picture. But I guess he didn't find the poison oak too appetizing. Yes my two year old was posing next to poisonous plants that make me itch just looking at them. For some reason, he never gets itchy. So, maybe they aren't poisonous. But it sure looks suspicious to me. Joe wasn't too interested in eating weeds. So, I went back to the barn to get him his grain. I guess I wasn't going fast enough with his food because this is what he started doing.

Joe is eating my pants. He will only eat my pants. Do you think he eats my clothes because he loves me or because he is mad that I am not feeding him fast enough? I am not too sure which it is? Joe is a lot of fun. When Big Cowpoke plays with him, they run all over together. It is so cute to watch Joe kick it into full gear when they are running. Little Cowpoke tried to get Joe to run with him. I tried to video it, but Joe wasn't running as fast as he normally does. I will have to video him tomorrow with Big Cowpoke. But here is Joe and Lane playing in the barn.

You can kinda see at the end of the video, Joe stops at the stroller. He likes to chew on the stroller. I am sure I will have more problems with him chewing on everything. Right now he just chews on me and the stroller. I will get a better video of Joe and Big Cowpoke running. It's just too cute seeing Joe's ears flop all around. But that's all for now, until next time, y'all come back now ya hear.


Carolina girl said...

Too cute! I love the sand angels. In the third picture, it looks like his legs are buried in the sand.:)

Karen said...

Ah, nothing like rolling in barn dirt. Not that my kids haven't done that...

Unknown said...

Very cute pics!!

Pony Girl said...

That is just too cute! I like that Joe, he is like a big dog, and with no horns! ;) Looks like your family is really enjoying him. Can't wait to see more video.