Monday, December 22, 2008

Crazy Weather and Crazy Christmas Shopping

Between weather and Christmas shopping, it's been super crazy here. The other morning, it was a warm 70 degrees outside. The kids ran out to play.They love to play in all the pool poles. Yes, they are still sitting on the ground. One of these days we will finish something that we start. Sigh. I really could not believe how incredibly warm it was. It's December and my kids are outside with short sleeves and no shoes. I could get used to this. I love Cowpokette's chubby legs. Those folds around the ankles. I love baby chub. I love the nice summery days we have had in December. But that was not how today was. Today was about 37 degrees. And this morning we had sleet. I have not seen sleet since I lived in Ohio. It was cold. Nobody wanted to go outside. Not even the dogs. As soon as I pushed the adorable pups out the back door they would turn right around and try to come back in. Sorry dogs! Belle is a really big baby. She is from Canada and acts like she doesn't like the cold weather. She will sit by the back door and shiver. Belle will actually push her little nose up against the glass and beg to come inside. But do you want to see Belle's new trick? See it? I make sure that my dogs wait at the door when I open it. Then they have to wait until I say their name and say, "Okay". Brodi will sit there all day waiting for me. Belle is a little more impatient. But she is getting better. And I also wonder, why are Belle's eyes blue and Brodi's eyes yellow? Is Brodi more cat like? He is really lazy and likes to lounge around the house. I always thought he had a little cat in him.

I also ventured out Christmas shopping today. It was an adventure. I tried to find a cowboy boot stocking. I just need one more and Tractor Supply was all sold out of them. Then I tried to find some stocking stuffers. What are good stocking stuffers for guys? I have the hardest time doing Mr. Cowboy's stocking. I never know what to put in his. So, this year, I got him some beef jerky. I just don't know what else to put in his stocking. Santa better back me up this year, because I really have nothing. Little boys and girls are easy. You can put chap stick in a girls stocking, or nail polish, or necklaces. And for boys you always have super cheep hot wheels and small trucks, and snakes. Then there is always candy. So, any ideas? Help me out with my last minute crazy Christmas shopping!! What do you put in your stockings?


Jennifer said...

I know what ya mean about this moody weather..its no wonder everyone is getting sick. In Adam's stocking, I put trial size stuff for traveling (small deodorant, gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc.), bag of his fav candy, nerds candy just to annoy him, baseball cards since he always got them as a kid, other yummy snacks (popcorn taken out of the box, his fav granola bars, etc.), then if /i still need stuff, I hit that cheap tool store near Hobby Lobby in LC, Cracker Barrel store, and/or the Dollar Tree. Hope that helps. Merry Christmas!

kdwhorses said...

I hear ya about the weather! It is crazy! Just got back in from feeding this morning and it is the same as yesterday! So dreary! I know little cowgirl is wanting snow for Christmas though, not me so much! Makes too much of a mess!

Stocking stuffers~on little cowgirl I put Avon chapstick, roller soap, bubble bath, then her favorite candy, apple. In my step son's I put Texas Longhorns things~like this time I found the stuff 50% off at the Dollar General~so he is getting a keychain, magnet and 2 air freshners, plus candy.

KD said...

I usually put in one of those long lighters for the hubby - the kind you can light candles with or start a fire. A pair of socks makes a good filler for the toe of the stocking.

BTW - I received my dark chocolate toffee yesterday! I was so excited because I LOVE getting stuff in the mail.....but....I'm on a carb restricted diet at the moment. I'll probably give it to my MIL so I don't pig out on it.

Rambling Woods said...

I only had a daughter and I am still having fun buying little things for a 29 year old..I found a cute little pack of lip glosses and some eye shadows, funny socks, bubble bath..but for hubby.. I don't even try anymore. I have no idea what to get for someone who doesn't really want anything..but he would like some jerky..hmmm....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

For my hubby: strawberry Twizzlers, hard candy, travel sizes of cologne and deodorant, beef jerky, and discount movies from Walmart bargain bin.

Belle is the cutest thing! What a good dog Brody is, too.