Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pregnant Mares

I went to feed the mares this afternoon. We have the two pregnant mares separated from the rest of the herd. We don't normally separate them, but we needed the stalls for the horses that we were working and riding. So, the two mares got sent across the street. Our wonderful neighbor lets us use her pasture. The mare have about 6 acres all to themselves. I walk across the street to feed them everyday. They are always waiting for food. I wonder if they get to craving feed like we crave foods when we are pregnant? Blaze was not in the mood for photos. All she wanted to do was eat her grain. We have to keep an eye on Blaze. We really watch her weight when she is bred. Three years ago, when she had a colt, she got an abscess on her front left. Then that abscess really stressed her out and she ended up foundering. But not a whole lot. The vet thought it was strange that she only foundered in the one foot and it's a minimal rotation. So, we keep an eye on her. We don't want her to stress out or to gain too much weight and maybe founder any more. After she has this colt we are going to be taking her to the chiropractor to get a few adjustments. Then she will be put back into our riding program. She has had professional reining training and is a real dream to ride. I am hoping maybe Big Cowpoke can rider her just at home, to keep her in shape.Blaze really didn't want to get her head out of her bucket. Blaze's belly always gets bigger than Pearl's belly. I think it's because Blaze is only 14.2 hands.Just look at her belly. Blaze is due March 26th. She is bred to our paint stallion, Ima Dlux Red Robin. I love her babies. I have broke them out before and they are super smart and quick learners. So, I am really excited for her baby. Just a few more months to go! Then we have Pearl. Pearl never can keep her head in her bucket. And she has to drop her feed all over the place. She is the messiest mare ever. After she finishes with the feed in her bucket, she will go back and clean up the ground. I have had her teeth floated lots of times and it still doesn't help. I would help a lot if the mare would have some trough manners. She eats with her mouth open. See that lower lip? Seriously, she almost looks like Bubba Gump. And that is not as low as she normally lets it hang. In the summers that lower lip must hang about 3 inches from her mouth. But that is okay, I love her anyway, Bubba lips and all. "Are you making fun of me?" Poor Pearl. But I love her. I know most of you know this but I am the only person on Pearl's papers that has owned her for more than two years. And she isn't going anywhere. I love my dead head Thoroughbred. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I can put anyone on her and know they are safe. And her babies are just like her. Sweet and lovable. She didn't pay attention to me for long. She soon had her face shoved back into her bucket. Pearl gets fed the good stuff, and a lot of it. She is on Omolene 300. I love that stuff. It's the only feed that I have ever fed my pregnant Thoroughbred mare, that has kept the weight on her. Pearl is high maintenance, and if not fed just right, she will drop weight like it's going out of style. Now, me on the other hand, I look at cookies or fudge and gain weight. I guess if I were a horse I would be a Shetland pony!! I think Pear's belly is doing great. She is due in April. Her real due date is March 19th, but she always holds her babies in for an extra 10-15 days. Also, I have never seen her have a filly. She has always had colts. When I bought her she had a three year old paint gelding and a 16 month old stud colt at the farm where she was, that were hers. And I have bred her twice and she has had colts both those times. So, I think I am doomed to have a colt. I really would love a filly. So, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed. Pearl is bred to Final Review. I can't wait to see her baby. Just two or three more months! Those bellies will only get bigger. When ever Pearl gets close to the end, she gets huge! Even with her long legs. Now, I know those bellies may not look that huge in the pictures, but they are getting bigger. Just a few more months and I will have two foals to play with. I am so excited, because this is the first time that I will actually get to play with the foals. Every other time we have had foals, I have been pregnant! So, this year, I will be able to get in there and have some fun.


Danielle Michelle said...

Mine's supposed to be due end of march beginning of April sometimes (I have to check the 340 day count). We should have a contest to see who comes first!

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see pictures, I got my candy today !

Melanie said...

I love broodmare photos! They always look so cute with their big,round bellies. How come I wasn't that cute when I was pregnant??? LOL!!!

Hopefully Pearl will give you a filly this year. Is there any reason you want fillies over colts?

Rambling Woods said...

A new word for me..foundering. Must have something to do with the foot problem...

Jennifer said...

They look like how I'm going to be feeling very soon! Pretty horses..

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice pictures, they are pretty horses and I know we will see pictures when the big event takes place. I am wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for coming by.

ang said...

I can't wait for the foals to arrive. I love the new look of the site, very pretty.

The Wades said...

You new look is awesome!!! Did you do all that?

I'm with you--the weight just packs right on when I'm prego. Actually, with my fourth, I gained only half of what I normally do. Odd.

Can't wait to see the new foal pix. :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm so excited to see those babies!!

I think your mares look great. The reason our horses are so thick and round is because of our grass and hay. This part of the country is the absolute best for "hard" grass. That is why so many cattle and horses are raised here-LOL. Other areas I've lived in with my horses, it takes a lot of feed to keep them as round as they are now.
The down side of it is, it is almost impossible to ride a horse into shape when they get so fat. You have to keep them up for months to get the blubber to come off so your saddle don't roll-LOL.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your mares are so beautiful, prego and all! Is that the 'Blaze' that you held a contest for a couple months ago?
Pearl is my kind of mare. I like 'em slow and a little bit goofy...but trustworthy through and through. And you'll have to post some photos of her bubba lips this summer. I bet she's a crack up.
My mare slobbers and splashes water before she starts drinking. She looks like she scooping and playing in her water, and slops it all over. Then she'll get in there and sip up her water like a lady. lol!

I hope you'll keep updating on your mares' pregnancy until they are born...and afterwards with the babies.
How fun for you and exciting, too!
I'm looking forward to my neighbor's Arabian being born next summer, too.

Your new blog template is gorgeous! Did you create that yourself. or did you have a template? It looks like you are a scrapbooker. Are you? :)

New Mexico

Anonymous said...

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