Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Last of Three

For the longest time I thought I was doomed to have all boys. One lady even told me that I am a good "boy" mom. What is that supposed to mean? That I couldn't raise a girl? I am too boyish myself to have a girly girl? Or did it mean that I was just a wild and crazy as the boys so all the crazy boyness did not bother me? I am not sure, but all I knew was that I already had two boys and I really wanted a little girl. A little girl who loved being in the barn as much as I do. A little girl who liked to help out with cleaning and putting toys away. A little girl who liked to help out with laundry. My boys will help with these things, it's just not their favorite things to do. And as far as laundry goes, all my boys are good for is making laundry. But about a year and a half ago, I finally got my little girl. Hmmmmm..........I think it shows that she has two older brothers. Poor girl, she doesn't have a chance. Just last night she was playing with her baby doll and Big Cowpoke was doing his homework. Cowpokette was sitting next to Big Cowpoke and all of a sudden Cowpokette's doll was being stabbed in the stomach, multiple times, with a number 2 pencil. Cowpokette just stood there in shock. What is she to do with two older brothers?Cowpokette was very concerned for the welfare of her baby doll. So, she screamed. And I quickly intervened. Big Cowpoke was told how to properly treat baby dolls and Cowpokette hugged and consoled her baby doll. I really love how Cowpokette loves her baby dolls. She loves to wrap them up in blankets and pat them on their backs. She even loves to put them in her stroller and push them around the house. Oh, the girlyness, I love it. But she isn't all girl, she is 80% the boss. She has no problem fussing at her brothers. She will stand in their bedroom doorways and point her finger at them and fuss at them. I am not too sure what she is saying, but she is putting them in their place. I do not know where she might have gotten this from? I do love how she is my little momma. When her brothers fall, she is right there next to them to pat them on the back and make sure they are alright. She will even kiss the boo boo to make it better. She also is the first one in the laundry room to help me move the laundry around. And she loves to unfold my laundry too. Such a great helper. And the thing I love the most. Is when she will laugh during a conversation that she really has no clue about."Ha Ha Ha Ha!" She is definitely different from the boys. But one thing they all have in common, dirt. All three of my cowpokes can never get enough dirt. Which in turn gives me plenty of laundry. I am sure grateful for my last one out of three.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Cowpokette is just adorable. It's hard being the little sister. If she thinks her brothers are a pain right now wait until they all grow up and she starts dating. I'm glad you got your little girl, I'm sure as she gets older you will be the best of friends. Especially when you share a love of horses together.

Amanda said...

I come from a family of 3 girls and one boy, the boy was the last. My dad used to say they kept trying till they got it right which we girls did not find amusing. Anyway my brother is the brat from HELL and blames all his problems on this earth (self-inflicted) on being raised with 3 girls. Your daughter is a doll.

Anonymous said...

Yep, she's a cutie! And I bet she does rules the roost. ;)

Danielle Michelle said...

First - Honey, 40 isn't cold. 0 is. That's what it is here at night with the fact it will get colder soon. Can I come live with you for the winter?

I always wanted 2 boys and then a girl!

Wendy said...

She is so precious!

The Wades said...

I love her! She is so very precious. Glad you got your little girl. :)

Aimée said...

Little girls are so much fun, I agree! And yours is soooo adorable with those big blue eyes. She looks like a little Reese Witherspoon shes so pretty!

Thanks for the comments by the way, and you have been tagged to do the honest scrap too if you want.

Tj and Mark said...


kdwhorses said...

She is just too cute!

I couldn't agree more, I love my little girl! She can be girlie and then a little tom boy in the same! She is tough, but then will mother the hurt, help with the cooking! They are alot of fun little girls, and such blessings! Enjoy her!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


You and I have this in common. I was hoping of my twins that one would be a girl, but they both came out as boys.

When my husband mentioned wanting to try again for a litte girl, I was scared of having twin boys or even triplet boys! I'd have had a little soccer team! My great grandmother had twins followed by triplets and they were all boys, so I felt doomed.

And then I had my daughter!! I was so happy :)

So we have two boys and one girl in common, my friend :)

One huge difference between my boys and my girl, is how my daughter reacts when her brothers annoy or bother her.
She screams or cries!

When the brothers argue, they smack and fight. gah!
Such a difference. lol!

Jenna also does the wagging of fingers and fussing at her brothers, too. She's so funny. And acts like a little mama.

Little Girls are grand!

And your little cowpokette is such a beautiful and precious little thing. I bet she's got Daddy wrapped around her little finger :)

New Mexico